Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Eco-Friendly?

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Eco-Friendly?

By Seo Team | June 13, 2019

Lab-grown diamonds are environmental-friendly and this has been proved by presenting some authentic evidence. Yes, you have heard right. We are talking about eco-friendly diamonds.

In recent years, the diamond industry that deals with mined diamonds have caused a substantial impact on the environment. The irresponsible approach and mismanagement of mining diamonds have lead to severe adverse effects in the nearby surroundings. Mining out natural diamonds from earth has created a high amount of carbon emission, land erosion, deforestation, and obviously air and water pollution, thus impacting a lot to the environment. In this scenario, it is the lab-created diamonds that have acted as the protective shield for the environment, winning thousands of hearts of the nature lovers.

Such eco-friendly diamonds are now available at the diamond stores of Chicago as well. Diamonds Chicago are not just recognized for their economical price rate but also known for their go-green feature. Even the diamond products discovered at our store in Chicago is built using these green diamonds. From stunning engagement rings to diamond pendants, all are embedded using eco-friendly lab-grown diamonds. Something to read twice!

Are you wondering how a diamond can be eco-friendly? Well, here we present you some evidence that will prove that diamonds, the most beautiful gemstone of the earth, can also be eco-friendly.

1. Do not cause any destruction to the Earth: Diamonds of Chicago are grown in labs with proper technological processes. HPHT (High Pressure and High Temperature) or CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) are the two common methods using which lab-grown diamonds are formed. Hence it can be interpreted that these are ethically created with no direct or indirect connection to the Earth.
Whereas, to mine the organic or natural diamonds, about 1700 tonnes of the earth has to be dug out, thus affect the earth to a large extent.
We, being the superior diamond supplier, make sure not a single damage is caused to the Earth.

2. Do not cause any kind of pollution: Lab-created diamonds in contrast to mined diamonds do not impact the air or water bodies. In the case of mined diamonds, no matter what method is used the process release a lot of chemicals, contaminating both water and air.

Since new dawn diamonds are created in the small diamond growing chambers inside the gem labs, they dispose of a very negligible amount of waste. Even if there exists any waste, they are recycled and distributed in lands using the eco-friendly methods. Hence there is hardly any chance to cause air or water pollution.

3. Very little consumption of energy: Lab-grown diamonds as you know are grown in the diamond growth chamber using small diamond seeds rich in carbon. By applying strong pressure and high temperature, diamonds that are formed gain the identical properties of real mined diamonds. Do you notice any consumption of energy? It’s because the entire process is under control. It is only the electricity where a bit of energy is consumed during the production process. Sometimes the source of this energy is also renewable.

However, chemicals, water, and other harmful substances are often found to be used by the natural diamonds during their mining process. In this process, electricity and hydrocarbons are the two forms of energy used that often result in carbon emissions and greenhouse gas.

4. Do not disturb natural habitat: Since new dawn diamonds have nothing to do with nature, there is no chance of disrupting the natural habitat – plants or animals. When it comes to biodiversity, ecology, natural habitat, it is always the lab-grown diamonds that are recognized. However, it’s quite natural that the mining process may disturb the plant and animal life on earth.

5. Create Very Less amount of carbon emissions: Another evidence to the eco-friendliness of lab-grown diamonds is the production of very less amount of carbon emissions. By the term emissions, we represent the byproducts of materials used like oil, gas etc, in the production of gems. Thus it can be concluded, lab-grown diamonds beat the natural diamonds in terms of eco-friendliness.

Reaching the bottom line, the demand for new dawn diamonds or lab-grown diamonds are exponentially increasing over time. Not just the buyers have understood the value of saving our mother Earth but also they are now more cautious about the quality and price. Unlike the natural mined diamonds that take billions of years to get created, lab-grown diamonds are obtained in very large quantities. This is the primary reason behind the subtainability of the diamond industry and the increasing demand in the market.

So, would you like to go green? Would you like to save our mother earth? Would you like to purchase the best ever new dawn diamonds? If yes, you must not miss out exploring our collection at Diamonds Inc. We are recognized as the most superior diamond studio for every budget lover. Quality and price are the two that we can assure. What more do you want from us?

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