Finest Inclusion to the Array of Men’s Wedding Bands

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Wedding rings for women are considered to be the symbol of eternal love and commitment. The tradition of wearing a wedding ring on the ring finger has been prevailing since ancient times. Even today, people believe that the vein of the ring finger is directly connected to the heart. Hence wearing the ring on that particular finger is quite auspicious.

In recent years, along with the women’s wedding rings, men’s wedding bands are also prospering daily. Today both men and women bang on to the diamond studios in search for their wedding bands or rings to gift their prospective spouses as a symbol of their love and commitment to each other.

Have you ever been to Diamonds Inc Chicago? Our collection will not just mesmerize you but even give you plenty of options to make your perfect choice. Wait a minute. It is easy to make the finest choice for a woman’s wedding ring. But when it comes to a man’s wedding band, it is really a tough decision that you have to make.

Pile of stocks is available in our diamond store in Chicago. They all are one-of-a-kind and create excitement in the buyers. Would you like to explore the different variety of wedding bands in our store? Here we go.

1. Simple Wedding Bands: As the same suggests, they are as simple as their name but still are a great option for the couples who are looking for wedding bands that meet their budget. Wedding bands Chicago are made of a single metal, for example, gold, silver, to give a traditional look; titanium, tungsten to add a contemporary gesture. Now the choice is yours. In fact, while choosing this simple engagement ring, the material of the rings pays more attention. These rings are just made to symbolize the eternal relationship amidst the couple.

Simple Wedding Bands

2. Modern Wedding Bands: While looking for this particular diamond jewelry Chicago amazes you with something modern, something more trendy options in the diamond stores. These are quoted as modern wedding bands for men. These rings involve the sleek, black tungsten rings that often seek the attention of the buyers. Alternatively, the black titanium plated rings with a carbon fiber inlay even have a lot more to symbolize. These carbon fiber inlays combine with another color that can be red, green or blue, to make the jewelry exclusive and competitive. You may go for these bands without making a second choice.

Modern Wedding Bands

3. Classic Wedding Bands: Classic wedding bands, unlike the other two mentioned above, are decorated with small beads of diamonds. These are basically the rich traditional-styled engagement rings that are decked up with gemstones. Such a timeless appeal can only be a witness in these bands, without any hesitation. However, other than diamonds, you can even customize these with other gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and even moissanite. Now the choice completely depends on your budget. Our diamond store in Chicago is laden with all such creations.

Classic Wedding Bands

4. Two-tone rings: What are two-tone wedding rings for men? These rings are featured with a gold-tone and a silver-tone and often come in multiple varieties of colors and materials. For example, if you are likely to purchase a two-tone titanium ring, then you will witness a white and a black stroke on it. These rings have a sleek finish and offer a stylish look that never dies with time. Well, you even have the option for customization.

Two tone Ring

5. Nature Inspired Rings: Finally, here we have something amazing for you. These rings as titled, are all inspired by nature. Dark and light shades and wood inlay feature an organic and masculine look to the ring. Even there are black ceramic rings for men that have occupied a separate space in the array.

Nature Inspired Ring

If looking for any such diamond jewelry Chicago is the ideal destination to explore. Especially, when you are traveling to the Mallers Building at the Diamond district of Chicago you will be stunned discovering the flood of diamond jewelers.

So, which one do you like to purchase for your man? Is it the classic engagement ring styled wedding band or the one that holds a modern contemporary gesture? Whatever it may be, Diamonds Inc, Chicago will never fail to amaze you with its quality and quantity.

5 Simple Tips to Pull Off An Amazing Look with Minimal Jewelry

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Every fashion enthusiast appreciates how difficult it is to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Many trends come and go but some stay and become classics later. Everyone loves some kind of jewelry piece or the other. And they would also find a lot of fashion experts too, who will recommend them ways to enhance their looks.

But do you know how to pull off an amazing look with minimal jewelry? Well, this is what we will discuss today. The minimal jewelry trend has been around for quite some time in the fashion world. It continues to form ripples even today. From diamond rings to cuffs to necklaces, there is a wide range of minimalist jewelry available in the market.

Thus, you have a plethora of options to choose from. Minimalist jewelry is all about the basics and they never compromise on style. Such exquisite pieces feature clean and simple lines, offer a discreet way of looking stylish with less color. However, sometimes wearing such simple pieces and managing to look gorgeous can be a hard thing.

So now, the all-important question that arises is how to pull off a fantastic look through these kinds of jewelry? We are one of the leading diamond jewelry stores in Chicago and strongly believe in the effective usage of jewelry to enhance one’s beauty. Thus, we recommend the following ways.

Some effective tips to use minimal jewelry for showcasing that amazing look

Stacked rings can provide a cool hip look

Stacking minimalist jewelry is a kind of trend that works pretty well with rings. So, you utilize delicate rings and distribute them to your fingers. These kinds of rings work well with every kind of outfit. This simple jewelry is the best stacking accessory and there is absolutely no risk of appearing tacky.

The best thing about this is, you have unlimited combinations to choose from. If you have a colorful piece then you can pair it with different other slim rings for creating a remarkable minimalist look. Go through our site and you will find a wide range of stackable rings that will delight you to the core.

stacked rings

We also deal in new dawn diamonds. You may wanna check out our exclusive collection of diamonds that are lab-grown ones.

Choose a statement piece

For pulling off a gorgeous look with minimalist jewelry, you need to identify a statement piece and then, create your style around it. A lot of women ruin their minimal jewelry looks by wearing too many statement pieces.

Doing this can distract the eyes. So, if you wish to rock the minimalist look, then make sure you possess a gorgeous ring, necklace or other pieces of jewelry that you can comfortably wear with other minimal pieces.

statement piece

With Diamonds Inc, you can select from the finest pieces of diamond jewelry. Our store is located at the historic jewelers row in Chicago. We offer an excellent collection of rings, bands, earrings, pendants and other kinds of jewelry. So, get in touch with us and let us fulfill your jewelry needs to perfection.

Simple does it

If you are thinking about going with the minimalist jewelry trend perfectly, then you must stick to the rules. The main one being, keeping things simple. This is what is required here. While selecting a statement piece, you should always prefer a simple piece that is devoid of loud design or colors. The idea behind this is, to create a clean as well as a sharp effect with the jewelry.

Simple does it

The wrong choice of statement piece can ruin your desired look. So, always keep it simple and that serves to be an effective style statement! For the best customized jewelry in Chicago, check out our fine collection.

Cuff Bracelets

This is one of the common minimalist styles that are preferred by fashion enthusiasts. You can also keep it in your list of trendy looks that need to be given a chance. From fashion models and bloggers to celebrities, cuff bracelets are in trend today! They make the minimalist style appear irresistible.

cuff bracelete

These kinds of bracelets are not only simple but also modern and chick. So, if you want to add an edge to your appearance, then these bracelets along with a couple of other pieces of jewelry, will help you do that.

Simple earrings can do the trick

Earrings serve to be a major part of one’s overall look. So, if you aim to ace the minimalist trend, you should select pieces that stick to simple styles. One thing that you can go for is smooth earrings that do not detract from other pieces. You must make sure that there is a pretty smooth flow of style from the necklaces to the earrings and other jewelry that you go with.

Simple earrings

At Diamonds Inc you will get the most excellent pieces of diamond jewelry that will fulfill your dream of pulling off that amazing look that will draw eyeballs towards you in praise.

Want to Replace Your Old Jewelry Clasps with a New One? Here We Have 5

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Is your old gold or diamond jewelry clasp has broken? Or have you lost your favorite bracelet or necklace? Whatever it may be, it is time to replace them with a new fashionable one. Replacing your old jewelry clasps with a strong brand new clasp is a sure way to wear your favorite necklace or bracelet for years.

Replacing old jewelry clasps is the wonderful option but do you have any idea about the different types of clasps available in the market? Here in this blog, we have created a list of the clasps that you must know before availing the jewelry repair service. Chicago has been one of the prominent destinations for jewels and gemstones along with their repairing studios. Hence, crawling to Chicago can be a viable option.

1. Spring Ring Clasp: Spring Ring clasp is the most classic style jewelry clasp that consists of a little wire tucked inside a hollow hoop. How does the mechanism work? The clasps contain a tiny lever that when pulled backward, the wire moves into the hoop and when it is released a gap is created to hook the other end of the chain into the clasp. Such a classy and trendy clasp style for contemporary ornaments.

Spring Ring Clasp

In this mechanism, no doubt, the jewelry piece remains completely secured. Such a discreet design makes an excellent choice for thin and delicate necklaces.

When this type of clasp gets broken, the jeweler either repair it or replace it. If you visit the jewelry repair service in Chicago, you will discover the jewelers either repairing the piece simply by bending the wire back into the loop or replacing it when the entire loop has been crushed.

2. Lobster Clasp: Jewelers Row Chicago has an array of jewelry repair studios. Lobster clasps are one of the stylish clasps offered by the jewelers when they find your clasp needs complete replacement. In comparison to the spring ring clasp, these clasps are stronger and sturdier simply because of the hard piece of the metal used. The mechanism of these clasps is almost similar to the previous one. But they are best feasible for heavier chains, bigger necklaces, or necklaces with pendants.

Lobster Clasp

In this clasp, the bottom part is more exposed to wear and tear and with the help of proper tools jeweler can easily shape them back.

3. Toggle Clasp: The toggle clasp is completely different from the lobster and the spring ring clasps. This particular clasp is featured with a thick hoop and a long bar attached to the opposite ends of the chain. The bar is vertically hooked through the hoop. This particular horizontal orientation of the bar secures the chain by locking into the hoop.

Toggle Clasp

Toggle clasp adds a stylish and contemporary look to the bracelets or on the ornaments where it is more visible.

These clasps are rarely exposed to wear and tear since the components used are hard and solid. Sometimes toggle clasps are studded with gemstones. If you have one such clasp, then they may need resetting or replacement over time.

4. Box Clasp: Do you have a tennis bracelet? We guess there you will find this type of clasp integrated into it. Box clasps are actually made of two parts – a small flat piece and a hollow box. The piece is hooked into the box and an additional latch on the external part remains clipped over the opening. Such a smart mechanism makes the jewelry secure from every aspect.

Box Clasp

They may look amazing but they cannot support substantial weight, hence can’t be used in heavy necklaces. The negative part of these clasps is, they undergo a lot of issues. They get stuck easily but it is hard to open the clasp, thus creating damage when opened forcefully. They may bend or snap off easily. These are some common problems that a wearer encounter, but can be solved if you are hiring the jewelry repair service of Chicago.

Necklaces and bracelets, no matter with what metal they are composed of or with what gemstones they are studded with, must have a clasp to wear. And losing the clasp or damaging it, creates really an issue.

Clasps come in multiple designs and forms, as mentioned earlier and every design has its own repairing characteristics. Some are easy or convenient to repair, while some offers really a complicated issue. Whatever it may be, Diamonds Inc, Chicago is the viable option to solve all your problems.

An Insight to May BirthStones – Emerald

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Hey, are you not satisfied with the price of diamonds? Want something more inexpensive than our lab-created diamonds? Chicago’s Diamonds Inc even serves you with plenty of alternatives, other than diamonds.

Gemstones or especially the birthstones are the finest alternatives to the dazzling diamonds. And using these stones as engagement rings or wedding rings will be an amazing creation. Every birthstone has a unique meaning and possesses a special historical significance.

In this blog, we will discuss the details of Emerald, the birthstone associated with the month of May.

Emerald, to be a bit specific, is a green shaded stone that is considered to be a symbol of love and rebirth. It is believed to be the gem of Venus that is good for fertility.

Some historical aspects:

According to ancient history, Cleopatra, Egypt’s tempestuous female monarch, used to wear Emerald. Additionally, based on the evidence found, it has been proved that the ancient Egyptian mummies that were buried in that era, used to have an Emerald carved with the symbol of verdure on their necks so as to symbolize eternal youth.

Therefore, it can be concluded that emeralds in antiquity were mined in Egypt and later the mines were spread across the world. However, the mining ceased with the discovery of the Colombian deposits.

Today, Emerald deposits are found in plenty of places including Columbia, Zambia, Nigeria, India, and many more. And based on this, they are classified into 4 categories.

Columbian Emerald: With respect to color, size, brilliance, and purity, Columbia offers the best Emeralds. They appear in different shades of green in different parts of Columbian mines. For example, the deep green Emerald is found in core depths of the mines. They look superior to any other emerald pieces. Besides these, emeralds are even obtained in yellowish or bluish shades.

Columbian Emerald

Zambian Emerald: Zambia is considered to be the second largest producers of Emerald in the world. It was introduced around the year 1950. Unlike the Columbian gemstones that are light-shaded green, Zambian Emeralds appear in a deep green shade. These green stones are less porous, smaller in size, and less brittle in nature. They produce a brilliant luster, thus making the stones prominent among the buyers. The best part is that, although the stones are dazzling bright, they are priced lower than the Columbian counterparts, hence are strongly affordable with respect to the diamonds of Chicago.

Zambian Emerald

Indian Emerald: Emeralds in India is known as Panna. Though in recent days, not enough mines are found in India, they were the most fascinating gemstone of the royal families. Even the Indian astrologers use these stones as they found some astrological values in them.

Indian Emerald

How to Buy Emeralds?

Just like the diamonds, Chicago‘s emeralds also possess the four Cs. Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. These are the four aspects by which emerald is judged or rated by the marketer.

Color – Emeralds appear in a varied range of hues, starting from yellow-green to blue-green, with the primary shade being green. While other shades are considered secondary. More bright or more vivid the color of the stone will be, the more valuable will be the gemstone.

Clarity – Unlike the diamonds of Chicago, Emeralds possess a large number of inclusions or flaws. Hence, if an emerald is devoid of any visible inclusion, it is termed flawless. However, such gemstones are extremely rare in nature and so are extremely expensive. That is the reason why highly included emeralds are treated to enhance the apparent clarity.

CutLab-created diamonds, as we know have multiple shapes and cuts. However, emeralds are found in some prominent shapes. Signature emeralds are often found in emerald cut, oval cut or rectangular cut.

Carat – Same as diamonds, emeralds are also measured in carat. And the price of the gemstone is calculated according to its weight, color, clarity, and shape.

Diamonds Inc present an array of emerald collection based that hold all these properties mentioned above. Hence anyone looking for a quality emerald can simply crawl into our store and purchase the best one from the creations.

Emeralds in the past were considered as the gemstone of Royals. A gemstone that every ruler or monarch around the world loved to wear. Still now this mystical gemstone shares the same space among the diamonds, rubies, or sapphires.

Besides the marvelous diamonds, Chicago is also known as the land of different gemstones. Therefore, it will not be wrong if you look for birthstones instead of diamonds.

Diamond Jewelry Pieces of Diamonds Inc is Inexpensive. How is This Possible?

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“In comparison to other diamond retail store, diamonds of Diamonds Inc are so pocket-friendly that we have to think twice before making our purchase”. Often our customers make such a statement while they aim to make their purchase from our store. In fact, there are many potential buyers who have raised queries regarding the price of diamonds. For example, “Why your diamond based jewelries are so economical in nature compared to alternative diamonds within the market? Do you sell duplicate diamonds? How can your diamonds be pocket-friendly?” and so on.

Are you having the same queries? If yes, here in this blog we will describe to you the reasons why the price of diamonds at Diamonds Inc is lower than the other diamond stores in Chicago.

Here we go.

1. Our diamonds are lab-created: Yeah, our diamonds are lab-created and that is the primary reason why we can serve these diamonds at an economical rate. Unlike the organic diamonds gifted by nature, these diamonds are created in gem laboratories under high temperature and high pressure. HPHT (High-Pressure High-Temperature) and CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) are the two stellar processes used by the gem experts to create such beautiful pieces of diamonds. Let us explain them in details.

Our diamonds are lab-created

High-Pressure High Temperature – This particular method as named, involves the application of high temperature and high-pressure. Here the diamond seeds are placed at the bottom of the press and a temperature of 1400 degree Celsius and a pressure of 5 GPa are applied to form large synthetic diamonds.

High Pressure High Temperature

Chemical Vapor Deposition – In this method diamonds are grown with the involvement of hydrocarbon gas mixture. Mass production of high-quality diamond crystals occurs due to the involvement of substrate preparation, feeding varying amounts of gases into the chamber, and energizing them. In contrast to the HPHT process, this method doesn’t involve an application of high pressure, rather it creates a carbon plasma over a substrate in which carbon atoms are deposited to form the pieces of diamond.

chemical vapor diamond

Both the above-mentioned methods are the supreme ways to create synthetic diamonds. But obviously, these are not duplicate diamonds as they inherit every single property of organic diamond. Whether it is a chemical property, physical property or an optical property, these lab-grown diamonds excel in impressing the crowd with its brilliance and spark.

2. Huge Collection: Now since they are lab-created, they can be formed anytime. Just with the application of high temperature and high pressure, there is mass production of diamonds. Hence, there is no option for creating a crisis. Whereas, natural diamonds are hardly available in nature. They are quite rare and so are so much costlier than the lab-created new dawn diamonds.

huge collection

3. Our diamonds are not mined: Organic diamonds are obtained by undergoing mining process. Huge mines are created so as to dig out the precious rough diamonds. Mining is not an easy process. It requires huge planning along with numerous labors and machines. All these contribute a lot to the cost of natural diamonds.
But since lab-created new dawn diamonds are devoid of all these, they are less costlier than the former one.

4. Our diamonds are not time-consuming: Another reason why our diamonds are economical is they are not so time-consuming. It’s quite natural that the items requiring a lot of time to take its real form costs high than the products that are obtained within a few days.
A diamond created naturally is formed thousands of years ago under the earth. And every product that is formed in nature is high-priced. While the diamonds created in labs take just a few weeks to turn into real diamonds.

diamonds are not time-consuming

Now the question is whether our diamond is duplicate or not.

Many visitors visiting our store stated that since these diamonds are lab-grown they are duplicate. But it is completely a wrong statement they often make. Our lab-created new dawn diamonds are not just an imitation as they acquire the exact characteristics of a real diamond. Whereas, the duplicate diamonds or the diamond simulants possess just the physical characteristics. They look similar but they don’t derive the same properties of an organic diamond.

Hope the above-mentioned reasons will help you to make a seamless purchase from now onwards. Hope you don’t have any further queries regarding the price of our lab-grown diamonds. However, if you still have any, step into our store and make your queries.

Not Every Sparkling Stone is a Diamond – It Can Be a Diamond Simulant

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Often people, in search of a diamond, make this mistake of calling every dazzling stone, a diamond. Taking this as an advantage, there are some jewelers who sell duplicate diamonds in the name of real mined diamonds or lab-created diamonds. But you need to learn the basic difference between a real lab-grown diamond and a diamond simulant.

Let us get an insight into the two different categories of diamonds.

What are Diamond Simulants?

Whenever it comes to diamond simulants, it always reminds us about the cubic zirconia or moissanite. These two are the two most common examples of diamond simulants. These crystalline structures are used to create the imitate diamonds with an alluring look resembling the organic diamonds. If you compare these stones with the real diamonds, you will find they possess similar physical properties of the real diamonds. But there is no hint of other optical or chemical properties of the organic natural gemstones. So, just based on the similarities you can’t define them as true diamonds.

Properties of diamond simulants

1. Simulants exhibit excellent sparkle. Their dazzling brightness and mesmerizing sparkle take away the breath of the viewers. As a consequence, they end up assuming this as the real sparkling diamond stone.

2. Cubic Zirconia or Moissanite are highly durable. Hence, if your budget is low and wants to gift her an engagement ring studded with a stone, maybe a diamond then buying a diamond simulant will definitely be a sustainable purchase.

3. Simulants just appear like a diamond. They are not real diamonds nor they are equipped with true diamond properties. In fact, you can’t even name them as lab-grown diamonds just because they are created in labs. Lab-grown diamonds do not just look similar they are identical from top to bottom. Whether it is a physical property or an optical characteristic, since they are comprised of actual carbon atoms, they exhibit the same.

4. CZ or moissanite can be purchased at a very reasonable rate. You don’t need to spend enough bucks to access these gemstones, unlike the lab-grown diamonds where you have to spend a good amount behind this.

What are Lab-grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds can never be termed as intimate diamonds or duplicate diamonds as they possess their own set of properties that match exactly the same as the mined diamonds. They have identical physical, chemical, and optical properties of natural diamonds. Even if you are using professional gemological equipment, it will hardly let you create any visible difference between the natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. They are that so identical in nature. You can only differentiate them if you are using extensive scientific testing equipment.

Additional properties of lab-grown diamonds

1. Lab-grown diamonds are eco-friendly. Yeah, they don’t disturb the mother earth in any case while their diamond creation. Since these diamonds are formed in the laboratory, they don’t even affect a single leave, unlike the mined diamonds. This is one of the primary reasons why lab-grown diamonds are so highly appreciated, especially by the green lovers. If you want to go green, then our lab-grown diamonds will always welcome you.

2. Lab-grown diamonds are sustainable. You can continue wearing these diamond jewelries forever without any hesitation.

3. Lab-grown diamonds are equally graded as the mined diamonds. They possess the same four characteristics of diamonds – cut, color, clarity, and carat. Similar to the real mined diamonds, these are graded in a similar way by the GIA labs.

It might be confusing and conflicting. But it is true. Hope now you will be able to choose your own diamond for your diamond engagement ring? Still, if you have any problem, then you may prefer to take expert advice.

Our Diamonds Inc is having a special guide for our clients. The facility of personal assistance will allow you to pick up the right lab-created diamond for your engagement ring or will assist you to create the best design for your love.

Rose Cut Diamonds – A Finest Addition To The Vintage Collection

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The rising popularity of the vintage effect in modern contemporary jewelry is not a surprise. Tons of antique cut diamonds are available in the diamond store in Chicago and among them rose cut diamonds have been framed in a bit special way. A fine touch of these antique diamonds offers a distinctive visual experience of how the hand-cut facets play with light. The extreme warmth and sparkle allow the potential buyers to select these diamond pieces while searching for their custom-made diamonds.

custom diamond rings in chicago
Are you interested in rose cut diamonds? Here we have a detailed analysis of this.

Rose Cut Diamonds are notified for their flat back and domed top enveloped in triangular facets. These number of facets vary from as few as 3 to as many as 24. That’s really a huge number, right? Whatever it may be, the diamond terminates at the very top in a single apex. This is where the term “rose” come into existence. The facets of these gemstones appear like the petals unfolding in a rose bud. Thus the name “rose cut diamonds”.

The flat back of these gem pieces possesses two spectacular effects. First, the stone without any facets on the underside of the gem, it creates a transparent look. They overall bring a calm and heavenly look that can be parallelly compared to the disco-ball. Second, rose cut diamonds are not loaded with impurities. But these diamonds carry all their weight on the top section, thus making the diamond piece appear larger in size, especially when viewed from above. If you are looking for large custom-made diamonds, then these rose cut diamond pieces will be the best. These stones when customized for a diamond ring, the ring appears large in size. And in some stores, they are even charged huge, unlike other diamonds.

chicago custom engagement rings

Hey, guys. Rose cut diamonds will definitely surprise you with its alluring beauty and magnified look. In fact, if you want you can even get them in different shapes other than round cuts. For example, oval-shaped diamonds, pear-shaped diamonds, marquise cut diamonds and other customized shapes you want.

As said earlier, rose cut diamonds have not just spurred out in recent years. They were fascinating the individuals since the 1500s. During the Georgian and Victorian eras, these antique diamond cuts were most common. Once they were mined, they were cut by hand and meant to sparkle under candlelight. The cut of a diamond contributes a lot to the shape of a diamond. Diamond cutters retain as much as the original diamond carat weight as possible.

Have you ever witness these antique diamonds? If not, just try one out. Here you will observe that the perimeter follows the shape of the diamond instead of being perfectly round. Further, the shallow height of the rose cut diamond is not deep enough like other shapes. These diamonds with large and wide facets performed exquisitely in low light conditions. However, they never fail to show their magic in daylight as well.

custom made Chicago

However, in comparison to the earlier cuts, modern cuts offer brilliant shapes that will fetch a higher price tag than before. Be it a whitest colored rough diamonds of Chicago, they are turned into the most impressive pieces. The icy sparkle and the cutting style add a warm and fascinating look to the diamond.

Now coming to the clarity, rose cut diamonds are famous for its transparent look. This is mainly because of the few facets that conceal the internal flaws, small inclusions, and feathers residing within the crystal.

Are you looking for a custom-made diamond that is rich with perfection? Then opting for this diamond will always be the right decision. It is always better to have a diamond with pleasing clarity rather than a diamond that has a higher color grade. This will possess a more noticeable impact on its beauty.

With the popularity of transparent rose, colored diamond followed the set. Today rose cuts can be obtained even in black, champagne shade. But don’t confuse these antique colored diamonds with the raw diamonds, since they have been cut and polished.

The rose cut diamonds of Chicago are also available in various other gemstones. For example, in rubies and sapphires, tourmaline and moonstone, and in other semiprecious gems. These work best for those who are bothered enough for their budget.

Not just transparent, you can opt for your rose cut diamond ring in multiple other shades as well. From lighter colored gems to the more included gems, all look alluring when customized perfectly. Similar to diamonds, these gemstones have gained the limelight in recent days.

What Can Be the Best Setting for a Diamond Stud Earring?

By Seo Team | March 14, 2019 | Category: Diamonds Valentines Week

Next to the custom diamond engagement rings, diamond stud earrings also hold the same position in a girl’s jewelry wardrobe. It is a desire for every girl to staple their outfit with such a timeless piece and look standout in the crowd. And when it comes to diamond stud earrings, they are perfect to be carried out on every occasion. It doesn’t matter whether it is a casual outing or a party night, these earrings can be paired irrespective of the event. Thus, if you are wondering to give something special, the pair can be a wonderful gifting option.

So, are you planning to purchase a pair of diamond stud earring, but you are confused about which type of setting to select for them? If yes, then this blog will certainly act like a masterpiece. Here we have listed down different kinds of diamond stud earring settings along with their pros and cons.

Following are the diamond stud earring settings that are classified based on how the stones are being held.

1. Prong Setting earring:

Prong settings are defined as the setting that can hold a diamond with three or four prongs. The notable thing about this setting is that it creates great visibility for the stone thus enhancing the overall appearance. However, such an exposed diamond is more vulnerable to get damaged or fall out easily. The fewer the prongs are the less are they safe. So, if you are customizing your diamond earring with this particular setting, then you have to be extra caring for your jewelry. Well, the number of prongs might increase, but its functionality or feature remains the same.

2. Bezel Setting earring:

Bezel settings are not just popular among the custom diamond engagement rings, they are also used to create an enticing pair of earring as well. These settings hold diamonds with a metal band encircling the stone either fully or partially. If you compare this kind of setting with the prong setting, then you may discover that these settings are safer than later. That is the primary reason why they are often chosen as the primary option to create a diamond piece.

These two settings mentioned above are the most common settings that are often used to create custom diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding bands, and other diamond studded accessories.

Well, it’s not over yet. Diamond stores in Chicago have a wide collection of diamond stud earrings based on different other style settings.
Based on the style and shape, diamond stud earrings can be categorized as follows.

1. Martini Style Settings:

Martini style settings are shaped like a cone. This V-shaped cone structure resembles a martini glass if looked from inside. In this particular setting the diamond is set close to the ear and hence, the earring is less likely to droop unlike other setting styles. Do you like the conical shape of the earring? If yes, then this will certainly drive your attraction.

2. Basket Style Settings:

Unlike the martini style settings where diamonds are set near to the ear, this particular setting has a flat bottom and the stones incorporate in them are set far thus appealing a drooping style. Such a style appears like a basket and compared to other settings this is more secure and guaranteed.

3. Crown Style Settings:

Another setting type that the diamond stores in Chicago offer is the crown style settings, composed of a flat bottom. Since they are made with metals, this construction is more solid with respect to the other styles. Such a design however, reduces the visibility of the diamond, making the metal settings more prominent. Diamonds or the gemstones in crown style settings are placed far from the ear, thus making the stud more likely to droop when putting on the ear.

Hope now you have got an idea which kind of setting or style will be an ideal option for you.

Once you are done with the choice of setting, it is time to look for the metal on which the diamond needs to be mounted. Yellow gold, white gold, and platinum are the three basic metal types that are often used to create a stunning pair of earring. Choose the one that will not just be budget-friendly but also offers a lifetime guarantee.

An array of contemporary stud earrings on diamonds are available in the market. Just travel down the diamond stores in Chicago and purchase the best diamond stud earring for your love.

Different Styles of Diamond Ring That You Can Opt For

By Seo Team | March 5, 2019 | Category: Diamonds Valentines Week

Diamond Rings are considered the most appreciable ornaments, especially for the woman you design for. These were introduced thousands of years ago but recently with the advent of lab-grown diamonds they have gained a special recognition. Are you fond of diamonds? There will be hardly anyone, who will say “no” to it. Along with the women, diamonds are near to the heart of every man and with the arrival of pocket-friendly lab-grown diamonds, the passion for it has risen a lot. These are the certified diamonds in Chicago that offer exactly the same properties of natural diamonds. Just like natural diamonds, you can create or customize several styles of diamond ring with these cultured gemstones.

Here we have listed down the several styles and designs associated with a diamond ring that you may opt for.


1. Diamond Cluster Ring:
A cluster diamond ring is a luxurious choice if you are ready to spend a handsome amount for your jewelry piece. As the name suggests, a cluster of diamonds form the signature style of the ring. This is where the difference lies between a solitaire ring and a cluster diamond ring. A solitaire ring is featured with a single stone while the cluster ring is the home for several smaller stones in a clustered pattern. The ring can even be created by placing a large gemstone at the center surrounded with smaller stones around the stone, in a clot. This resembles a large solitaire stone look.

2. Vintage Inspired Ring:
Vintage rings are of two categories. One of art-deco period and one from the Edwardian period. If someone wants to travel the vintage-inspired selections, the art-deco look is always a popular choice. These rings are featured with proper geometric shapes teamed with angular facet gems, thus making the overall ring more complex. On the other hand, the Edwardian style offer a softer edge instead of the angular one. The ring is designed with a oval-shaped settings with floral clusters and delicate beading. Such a design was initially introduced in between 1901 and 1910.

3. Geometric Ring:
Geometric shaped rings are often quite interesting where you can create your diamond ring using the geometry lessons you have learned once you were in high school. The shapes can be either circle, elliptical, triangle, rectangular and many more.

4. Criss Cross Ring:
Are you bored with the simple generic band rings? Then Criss-Cross rings will leave no space to impress you. These rings rich with allure and grace are twisted, moulded, and designed delicately to ensure perfection to you.

5. Stackable Ring:
Stackable rings are some new additions to the stack of diamond rings. These rings are normally worn in three or more combinations. You can blend this with any style, metal, precious gemstones or other custom designed pieces. Such a ring can be worn for lifetime and the best part of it is, this ring does not need any particular occasion to gift someone.

6. Negative Space Ring:
Negative space rings are quite interesting. It is all about geometrical lines and statements. Such a statement ring studded with the certified diamonds of Chicago is classic and offer a trendy design that you can pair it with any of your outfits. For example the pyramid ring where the ring perfectly balances the exaggerated size with the negative space in between.

7. Halo Style Ring:
The halo engagement ring is quite difficult to generate. This is because of the sheer number of gemstones that are used to customize this item. The central stone is teamed with a halo of smaller stones, and so the name halo style rings.

8. Baguette Ring:
Recently, Baguette rings are highly in demand. These rings are specially formed using baguette cuts or step cut diamonds that are long rectangular in shape. If you are looking for exceptional clarity, then these rings will act flawless for you. You can either wear them as a solitaire ring or stack them with two other stones, thus forming a three-stone style diamond ring.

9. Bypass Ring:
Bypass ring were first highlighted in the Victorian era where they were characterized by bands that overlap and gets apart, instead of forming one continuous line. Such a ring can be incorporated with any distinct diamond shapes or gemstones. You can even customize these bands with pave diamonds or channel settings.

Many more diamond rings can be formed if you do permutation and combination with the diamond shapes and diamond settings. For example, paved diamond ring can be formed using very small delicate stones, bezel setting rings that is formed with bezel set and so on.

Certified diamonds in Chicago are not just famous for diamond engagement rings but are known for the different diamond accessories. But the best part of these rings is they can be accessed at a reasonable price rate. Are you planning to buy a diamond ring? Look for these diamonds at Diamonds Inc, Chicago and you will get your piece done without even breaking your bank account.

Are You Planning to Invest in Precious Jewelry Items? Check Out Reasons Supporting it

By Seo Team | February 25, 2019 | Category: Diamonds Valentines Week

Every one of us loves to wear glamorous pieces of jewelry. The most stunning jewelry items have the capability to enhance our appearance and glorify how we look. We wear them for complimenting our overall looks or giving the much-needed finishing look to a special attire. Every occasion or the other demands some special pieces of jewelry that will increase its value and significance.

Some of the top life moments such as engagements and weddings are often a compelling reason to buy and wear magnificent pieces of jewelry that will look fabulous in accordance with the theme of the occasion. But the main question that most people ask themselves is, should they go for precious jewelry items? We will discuss in this blog.

Diamonds Inc is a reputed diamond store in Chicago and our marvelous products will delight you like nothing else. A lot of people are doubtful when it comes to investing heavily in jewelry items. Well, the truth is that there are several benefits of investing in them and if you are not aware of them, then check out the reasons below.

Some irrefutable reasons that will support investment in precious jewelry items

At Diamonds Inc, located at the jewelers row in Chicago, we have a wide range of products for you that will suit your different jewelry needs. Are you looking for gemstone based items? We are there for you. We also support investment in the best jewelry items. Let’s know the reasons for them below.

Long-term investment

The value of some stones like diamond and metals like silver, gold, and different other kinds, rise with time. So, if you invest in any such piece of jewelry that is composed of such metals or stones then the rise in their value will benefit you in the future. So, some of the most precious metals like Gold are considered a long-term investment.

You will notice that many families auction their precious jewelry pieces from their heirloom only when the prices are correct. The gold earring that one buys today will definitely turn into an excellent investment that they have made.


Portable assets

If you are one of them who travel frequently, you have the great option of investing in precious jewelry items. The best thing about jewelry is they are portable. So, this will make it easy for you to carry an important asset across borders. Like for instance, if someone does not want to carry cash along then they can invest in a marvelous jewelry item and take it along as a fabulous investment across the globe.


Versatility in investment

A lot of us love collecting different forms of jewelry. So, if you wish to use them as investment options, then there are a wide range of choices available for you. We are a reputed diamonds shop in Maller building. Check out what we have to possibly offer and you will find versatility in terms of type, design, style, and composition.

Unlike most other investment methods, you will find no such limit to the kind of jewelry. So, get to choose from necklaces, anklets, bracelets or other forms of jewelry. You will absolutely love such versatility!

Safe and stable investment

In the global economy, the prices of almost everything fluctuate in an unpredictable manner. However, what’s surprising is, the jewelry prices stay stable and such a behavior is widely acknowledged. When the different kind of currencies take a bad blow, diamonds and gold will not be even slightly affected. This has probed most investors to turn to these form of assets.