New Dawn Diamonds Vs Cubic Zirconia

By Seo Team | July 5, 2018 | Category: New Dawn Diamonds

New Dawn Diamonds and Cubic Zirconia – you must have heard of both of these terms, isn’t it? Yes, it’s quite natural because most of you feel that both of them are identical. If that is the case, then why we will come up with such a topic to discuss with you. Isn’t it?

Now, without wasting much of your time, let us begin with the battle between new dawn diamonds and cubic zirconia and find out what makes them similar and what separates them completely.


New Dawn diamonds are most popularly known as lab-created diamonds. These are the pure crystallized version of carbon atoms that are grown in the laboratory. Have you heard of CVD or HPHT methods? These are the abbreviation of Chemical Vapour Deposition process and High Pressure High Temperature process. Lab-made diamonds are grown under these procedures using the advanced form of technologies.

Whereas, Cubic Zirconia is nothing but a cubic crystalline form of Zirconium Dioxide. They are also formed in the laboratory but instead of carbon particles, they use powdered ingredients. These are heated to a melting point and finally cooled to solidify.


Lab-grown diamonds are also termed as synthetic diamonds. They hold the actual carbon atoms arranged in a diamond crystal structure. Due to its natural composition and method of formation, they exhibit the same physical, optical and chemical properties like the natural organic diamonds. Since these diamonds possess all the characteristics of a real diamond, they are graded in a similar way and same methods are used to detect these diamonds from a fake one.

But, this is totally different in case of Cubic Zirconia. Cubic Zirconia is formed in such a way that it looks exactly the same as that of a real mined diamond. But they fail to possess any other optical, or chemical properties. Or in one word you may say, it imitates the diamond appearance. That is the reason why, they are basically named as Diamond simulants.

Some key features of Cubic Zirconia based on the properties that distinguish it from a lab-grown diamond are as follows:


Cubic Zirconia has a rating of about 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, whereas diamond rating is about 10 on that same scale. Thus, the crystals of Cubic Zirconia have dull and round off edges, while the edges of a diamond remain sharp. Furthermore, the polish marks are visible in case of CZ but you will rarely find any on a true diamond.

Specific Gravity:

We all know, a diamond is well-known for its hardness. But you will be surprised to know that, the density of Cubic Zirconia is approximately 1.7 times of that of a diamond. Now, the question that arises – how to detect the true one between the fake stone and the lab-made diamond? This can be solved if you drop the stones in heavy liquids. You will find that the diamond is sinking more slowly than Cubic Zirconia.

Refractive Index:

Refractive index of CZ ranges from 2.15-2.18. Whereas that of a diamond is about 2.42. Now if you try to identify them using immersion techniques, you will find that the stones having the refractive index higher than the liquid is having dark borders around the girdle and light facet edges, whereas, the one with the lower index is having a light border around the girdle and dark facet edges.


In comparison to diamond, Cubic Zirconia has a dispersion of about 0.058-0.066 range. But diamond, on the other hand, is about 0.044.


If compared with true diamonds, the edges of Cubic Zirconia can be either rounded or smooth, but as you know the edges of a diamond are always sharp.


According to GIA grading scale, the diamonds that belong to D, E, and F category are colorless. But the one that falls into G, H, I, and J category are near colorless. Lab-made diamonds usually have fancy color ranges, but nowadays these can also be obtained in colorless ranges. Now coming to Cubic Zirconia, these particular diamond simulants are often colorless, thus engraving its name in the D category of the grading scale. And if by chance, you get to explore its near colorless ranges you may discover yellow, pink, purple, green and even multicolored stones.

Thermal Conductivity:

A diamond is not only known for its hardness but also well-known for its thermal conductivity. But Cubic Zirconia is not considered as a very good thermal insulator like a diamond. You can easily check this out if you try out the Wenckus’ identification method.

Therefore, now it is clear to you that except for the source of origin and their physical appearance, the New Dawn diamonds differ far away from Cubic Zirconia.

So, what are your plans for purchasing your engagement ring? Well, in this case, we will suggest, if you are likely to spend on diamonds, then you should opt for the lab-grown diamonds. But if you feel you can’t afford that much you can simply rely on the simulants.

However, if you are purchasing true lab-created diamonds, then Diamond district will be the best place to buy your engagement ring in Chicago. Have you been there? If not, then this is the time to explore the ocean of diamond collection and buy one of your choices.

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Why Are New Dawn Diamonds Becoming More Popular?

By Seo Team | June 4, 2018 | Category: New Dawn Diamonds

In today’s date, diamonds mean ‘New Dawn Diamonds’. Why so? Have you ever thought of? Most of you have a tendency to go as per the market demand, without knowing its pros and cons. Instead of taking your own decision, you love to follow others. Is this what you are? Well, in that case, you should know why New Dawn diamonds have taken the place of real mined diamonds and why they are ruling the diamond market.

So, without wasting your time let us check out the key points on why New Dawn diamonds are becoming popular day by day. Are you ready? Let’s get started.


1. Cost Effective:

Before buying something, we all have a common tendency to check out the market price of that particular item. Isn’t it? Then why will diamond be isolated from that? Before the advent of New Dawn diamonds, you might have a perception that diamonds being cost-effective is impossible as they are considered to be the most expensive gemstone available in the market. But your concept was eventually proved wrong and it has appeared just as the icing on the cake. Lab-created diamonds being formed in the laboratory, are available in a huge mass. Whereas, if you look for the real mined diamonds, you will hardly find one. That is the reason why, they can be purchased comparatively at a lower price rate. Want to invest less, but still want to gift something special? Lab-grown diamonds will definitely rule your heart.

2. Eco-Friendly:

New Dawn diamonds are again considered as Eco-friendly diamonds. Why so? Diamonds that you have studied in your high school, are formed under the Earth’s crust, whereas the diamonds that you are learning now, are created in the laboratory by the gemologists. Therefore lab-grown diamonds do not disturb a shovelful amount of earth while its creation. In addition, to get the natural diamonds huge machines are required to mine out the diamonds, that again causes serious pollution. On another hand, no such sound or air pollution occurs when diamonds are grown in labs. In labs, all these things are mostly taken care of. Are you a person with eco-friendly attitude? Then surely you will gonna love it.

3. Everlasting:

Just like real mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are also everlasting in nature. These diamonds once bought can be used till eternity. Such an everlasting diamonds at a cost-effective rate, isn’t it amazing? Most of you before committing to buy such diamonds, start wondering about its future. But believe us, these diamonds are beyond your wonder. You can’t even imagine such features of real diamonds in lab-grown diamonds. Do you?

Are you getting heart attacks? Hold on tight. Because there are still some breathtaking features waiting for you.

4. Similar Graded:

Not just like that, people are running after these diamonds. Lab-created diamonds or the New Dawn diamonds are absolutely identical to mined diamonds, in both physical properties and chemical composition. Likewise, they are similarly graded as those natural diamonds. They too possess the four C’s- Cut, Color, Carat, and Clarity, as that of the mined diamonds and are graded by the GIA labs. Don’t worry, the jewelers can’t cheat on you. Because, it is the duty of every jeweler to provide the GIA certificate to their buyers on their every purchase. This is yet another reason why people are having a craze to buy such diamonds.

5. Multiple Options:

Buyers, especially the women always look for varieties while purchasing, no matter whether it is a jewelry, costume or something else. They actually want to get the best out of the collection and look the best among others. Moreover, they have a tendency to pair their jewelry with their dress. Is their desire be fulfilled putting on real mined diamonds? Unfortunately not. Real diamonds can only give you variety in shapes, not in shades. As they are found colorless. But lab-created diamonds can make your dream come true. Want a pink heart-shaped diamond, blue round brilliant cut diamond, or anything else? You can get a variety of colors and shapes for your love.

6. Can Be Tested:

While buying something expensive we all have a tendency to examine it, to assure whether the product is fake or not. Isn’t it? Now the question is, “Is this actually needed for the diamonds grown in the laboratory? Since the diamond jewelers are already providing their customers with the GIA certificate.” Well, it is always useful to be secure from beforehand. You don’t have to look for the ways separately, to detect these diamonds. Your lab-grown diamonds can easily be detected by using all the possible ways of distinguishing real diamonds from the fake one. Are you aware of the tests? If not, check out our blogs on diamond tests and detect whether your diamond is a fake stone or the real one.

All these above-mentioned reasons, have taken the breathe away of every potential diamond buyers. Will you like to be the one? Browse the Google and get the best destination of buying such diamonds at a reasonable rate. However, if you don’t mind traveling, then we will refer you to visit the Chicago’s Diamond district once. We are sure the Historic Jewelers Row will certainly take your heart out and you can’t help yourself in purchasing diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, or any other diamond studded jewelry from there.


Lab-Grown New Dawn Diamonds or Mined Diamonds

By Seo Team | April 28, 2018 | Category: New Dawn Diamonds

Hey, have you heard about New Dawn diamonds, the latest creation of the gemologists? If yes, then definitely you are aware of the identical features of these diamonds with respect to the mined diamonds. Though these lab-grown New dawn diamonds are 100% identical to the natural diamonds in both physical and chemical characteristics, still most of you can’t make out whether purchasing these new dawn diamonds will be right or not.

There is a misconception of every buyer. You consider that man-made or lab-created things cannot be real and or trusted. Hearing the name, and focusing on the tagline ‘lab-grown’ you have decided that since these diamonds are man-made, they are duplicate diamonds. They are made only to cheat the buyers.

To clear out all your confusion and to solve your query, we have come out with this blog, where we are going to discuss why you should not ignore lab-grown diamonds, why you can trust them just like the mined diamonds, and why you can buy your diamond ring based on new dawn diamonds. So let’s start.

‘New dawn diamonds are definitely duplicate diamonds’- If you are thinking so you are completely on the wrong track. Since these diamonds are lab-created, it doesn’t mean that they are duplicate. Unlike duplicate diamonds like moissanite, cubic zirconia, new dawn diamonds possess all the features of a mined diamond. They are graded as same as the mined diamonds, possess the same four characteristics of real diamonds and thus can be detected using the same detection processes of mined diamonds. And the only difference lies in their origin. But why the gemologists have taken a risk to bring out such a wide invention? Let us get into details.


Why shouldn’t you ignore lab-created diamonds?

You all know, that the Natural diamonds or the mined diamonds are formed under the earth’s mantle. And a large amount of earth is disturbed to mine out the dazzling stone. This hampers the mother nature. Moreover, the diamonds that are mined today, have taken billions of years to form under the earth. Thus these diamonds when mined out once, becomes rare in nature. This is another reason why you find real diamonds are so expensive.

To help you out, and save the mother earth, the gemologists have brought out the lab-grown New Dawn diamonds. Their motive is to make it easier for every buyer who wants to purchase a diamond, but can’t afford it and end up with purchasing duplicate diamonds. So, just to make sure that these diamonds are adopting all the physical and chemical properties of mined diamond, they use HPHT or CVD method to grow such diamonds. Want to know more about these processes? Check out the blog, how lab-created new dawn diamonds are made in the laboratory. Hope now this is clear to you that their intention is not to cheat the buyers but to help them. Therefore, we hardly recommend you to go for these, instead of ignoring these.

Have you ever thought that while purchasing diamond you can contribute to saving your mother nature? These lab-created diamonds give you the platform to all the busy individuals like you. You don’t have to time to plant trees. You don’t have time to resist deforestation. You don’t have time to join a campaign and inform others for afforestation. But you have time to buy diamonds for your love. Is this true? Don’t be shy. This is the nature of all common people. They rarely have time for their mother nature, but they can make time in purchasing diamonds. Thereafter, the invention of new dawn diamonds have paved the way for the individuals to be a part of go-green campaign not directly, but indirectly.

Once you are making your mind to buy lab-created new dawn diamonds, the inclination towards purchasing mined diamonds reduces. And as a result, the need for mining is not required and thus nature is saved from getting disturbed.

You will be shocked to know, that today most of the people are trusting new dawn diamonds. So we also recommend you, if you are looking for engagement or wedding rings, then go for those which are studded with lab-grown new dawn diamonds. To know the reasons you may check out our blog where we have clearly mentioned the reason why people are liking new dawn diamonds. We are absolutely sure that if you look through the reasons, you will definitely be attracted to these diamonds. Not only this, you will love to design your custom-made diamond ring or other jewelries with these lab-grown diamonds.

Hope this blog is helpful to you and hope now you have understood that how these lab-created diamonds have ruled over mined diamonds. So without wasting much your time, move down to the diamond stores that provide certified new dawn diamonds and make your purchase. Treat them as if you are buying mined diamonds. This will never let you think that these diamonds are man-made as you will get the GIA Certificate in this case also…

Are New Dawn Diamonds Lab Created?

By Seo Team | March 22, 2018 | Category: New Dawn Diamonds

While exploring a diamond ring studded with new dawn diamonds, you must have asked this question multiple times, ‘Are New Dawn Diamonds lab created?’. This question has distracted you so much that you have ignored purchasing those diamond pieces of jewelry created from new dawn diamonds. Isn’t it true? You might have thought these diamonds are duplicate and it is better not to buy such diamonds.

But you are absolutely wrong. These diamonds are definitely lab created, but are not at all considered as duplicate diamonds. Shocked? Here in this blog, you will come to know some more amazing factors about new dawn diamonds, that will shake up your mind.

Go green with New Dawn diamonds - Diamonds Inc

What are the amazing factors that you don’t know about New Dawn Diamonds?

1. Answering to your former question, Yes new dawn diamonds are lab created. You must have the knowledge that real diamonds are obtained under the Earth’s mantle. And these real mined diamonds are found very rarely in our nature. Yes, the diamonds which you are purchasing in the name of real diamonds can be either lab-grown new dawn diamonds or it may be the duplicate diamonds. These diamonds are obviously cheaper than the real diamonds but remember, new dawn diamonds and duplicate diamonds are totally different in nature.

2. The diamonds which are mined today are formed billions of years ago under the earth’s crust under high temperature and pressure. The same procedure is applied to create these new dawn diamonds. To protect our mother Earth, these diamonds are grown in the laboratory in an artificial geological process using CVD and HPHT processes. Here, CVD refers to Chemical Vapour deposition and HPHT refers to High-Pressure High Temperature. Since not a single shovelful of earth is been disturbed while creating these diamonds, these new dawn diamonds are highly considered to be eco-friendly diamonds or green diamonds.

3. New dawn diamonds are 100% identical to the mined diamonds. They exhibit the same physical and chemical properties of a real diamond. Real diamonds are formed using the carbon-containing minerals under the earth. Keeping this factor in mind, the gemologists have used carbon as the main resource to grow these diamonds, so that the phrase ‘Diamond is an allotrope of carbon’ can’t be proved wrong.

4.  Moreover, to pursue the customers’ trust and interest, they are certified by GIA labs. They are 100% lab certified diamonds and have graded the diamonds according to its quality.

5.  These lab created diamonds possess the same four characteristics of a diamond. Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. To know about these in details, you can go through our blog how to detect a real diamond.

New Dawn Diamonds - Your modern best friend - Lab Created Diamonds | Diamonds Inc | Diamonds717

What are the different advantages that you can obtain if you purchase new dawn diamonds?

1. While purchasing anything from the market, initially that comes to mind is the price. Everyone wants to buy the best product at a lower rate. Isn’t you? You will be able to enjoy this benefit from new dawn diamonds. These diamonds will give you all the features you want from a diamond but at an affordable rate. So you may, conclude you can relax from getting heart attacks, as it is less expensive.

2. Since these diamonds are formed in the laboratory, you can obtain your desired diamond within 10 to 16 days. You don’t have to wait for billions of years to get it available in the market. So this time factor really matters.

3. Real diamonds are always colourless but you can get different shades of colors in lab created diamonds. Pink, white, yellow, blue whatever color gradient you want, these diamonds will not let you down. Don’t take diamonds to be just an investment or an expensive endorsement for your partner now. The days are gone when they were your 2 month’s salary. Read more what made Lab-grown Diamonds rule the diamond industry now. Why every brand is opting Lab Created diamonds and even the customers.

What have you decided? Don’t get confused with duplicate diamonds. They only look same as that of a real diamond but don’t possess any other qualities of mined diamonds. Fraud jewelers often use Cubic Zirconia, Moissanite, White Saphire and other gemstones in the name of diamonds. You might have come across this phrase, all stones that sparkle are not diamond. So you should have that much knowledge to identify these duplicate stones.

There are several such diamond stores that are specialized in providing such certified diamonds. Research them before stepping into any of them. And to be more careful, ask the lab certificate from the jeweler, before purchasing any diamond. Remember this is your right as a customer and you can’t leave any such opportunity to inspect them.

New Dawn Diamonds – The Best Diamond on Your Wedding Ring

By Seo Team | February 27, 2018 | Category: New Dawn Diamonds

Getting married this wedding season? Congrats.

So what are your plans? Have you selected the wedding planner or else you are planning your own wedding by yourself? If so then that sounds good. But have you bought the ring? The wedding ring that you have to gift your partner on this day. Don’t forget that. Are you purchasing the ready-made one or customizing it on your own? Well, many new trendy types of rings have crept into the market. Browse those collections once before finalizing it.

Diamonds are too expensive in nature. But it is also necessary to purchase a diamond for the special occasion. Without gifting a diamond ring to each other, wedding remains incomplete. You can call it as a ritual. But the truth is that diamonds are considered to be a lucky and powerful stone for generations. In history, soldiers use to wear a diamond bracelet to protect themselves. And today, according to the ritual, a diamond should be gifted on an auspicious occasion. So what type of diamond have you decided to buy for your wedding ring? Metal Wedding ring, Diamond Wedding ring or Benchmark wedding rings.

On our point of view, you can look for new dawn diamonds. These are the latest diamond types that have been added to the diamond category.

What are New Dawn diamonds? Do you have any idea?

New Dawn diamonds are lab-grown diamonds or you may say the diamonds which are not mined but manufactured in the laboratory. These diamonds possess the same physical and chemical characteristics thus reflecting the real diamond in all aspects, except the origin. Today, diamonds only hold the definition of love and commitment, which you can be simply fulfilled by these new dawn diamonds. Do you know what is the main advantage of these diamonds? Since these are made in the laboratory, they are less expensive than real diamonds. So if you are getting all features in a lab-grown diamond with a low cost then why will you spend your money on a diamond which is too expensive?

Thus a new dawn diamond on your engagement ring will definitely be an affordable one. Do you want to give a special and unique touch to it? We will suggest you, don’t just walk-in to the jewelry store and purchase a new dawn engagement ring. Instead, you may order a custom-made ring for your partner placing the new dawn diamond on the top. This will reflect your personality, sense of humor and your love towards your partner.

Though it is a lab-grown one, still you should be aware of the characteristics of a diamond. Before purchasing, it is your duty to recheck the characteristics. Remember, this new dawn diamond also contains the same properties and features just like a real diamond. So you must be conscious of whether the jeweler is giving you a certified diamond or any other stone in the name of a diamond. We are constantly talking about the diamond characteristics, but do you have any idea what are they? Diamond characteristics constitute of the four C’s of a diamond; cut, color, clarity and carat. For your safety, we will discuss you with these in a brief.

Diamonds cut is the major characteristics of a diamond among the four. Why so? The cut of a diamond represents the diamond’s brightness. Based on these cuts the price of a diamond differs. It gives rise to several shapes of a diamond viz;

Round Brilliant cut, Princess cut, Oval cut, Emerald cut, Pear-shaped, Marquise cut, Cushion cut, Radiant cut, and Asscher cut. Each shape has different features. Go through the shapes in details and then decide which one you want to purchase. Same is for the colors. A real diamond is always colorless but in case of a new dawn diamond you will get variant colors. The clarity of a diamond defines the number of inclusions or flaws in it. You may ask for the magnifying glass from the jeweler to inspect these. And the last characteristics of a diamond that is the Carat is the measurement unit of a diamond. You should be careful enough while measuring the diamond’s weight.

Diamond is just an allotrope of carbon but its inbuilt property: highest hardness and thermal conductivity, makes it different from others. But how will you detect that the new diamond is a certified one? You may follow several methods to detect the real one from the duplicate fake stone. Apply fog test on the diamond. When you keep a diamond in front of your mouth and fog it, it will never get fogged. You may perform the refractivity test on diamond under UV rays, that is under sunlight. Make a dot on a paper and place the diamond on it. If you can see a circular reflection then make sure that you are holding a fake diamond. You can apply this test with a newspaper too. Try to read the letters on the newspaper through the diamond, a true diamond will never give you a chance to read.

All the above tests can distinguish a true diamond from a fake one. Since new dawn diamonds hold the exact features, you can easily apply these tests to it. Hope this will help you out while purchasing a new dawn diamond ring. According to us, a new dawn diamond will be the best diamond for your engagement ring. Now it is up to you. But whatever may be your decision, purchase the best breathtaking diamond engagement ring with a complete inspection.


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What Is So Good About New Dawn Created Diamonds?

By admin | August 23, 2017 | Category: New Dawn Diamonds

Diamond is just a piece of stone but have you seen the craze for this stone amongst people. It is the brilliant piece adorned & the hardest mineral on the Earth till now. Because of their durability, they are very popular in every industry especially jewelry industry.But, do you know? Mining the diamonds from the deep earth layer creates many environmental & social problems.

The diamond mining created series of ill effects on both the ecological & economical values of the society & these effects were named as the “Blood diamond effect”. Due to these reasons, many researchers tried new ideas to replace the real diamonds, & hence, the lab-grown diamonds were born.

The modern lab grown diamonds are known as the new dawn diamonds & are similar to the real or mined diamonds in every way except the fact that they are grown artificially in a laboratory. New Dawn diamonds are physically & chemically similar to the mined diamonds & have same brilliance & fire property. Some great advantages of the new dawn diamonds are mentioned here:

  • Ecological & society friendly – New dawn diamonds are similar & only can be distinguished in a modern laboratory used for gemology purposes. New Dawn diamonds are cut & polished the same way as the real diamonds are cut & polished. A diamond may take billion of years to born below the soil coverings & mining of the diamonds need too much energy & resources to get it from deep earth surface. Not only that, many poisonous chemicals leak out to the open surface & create more pollution in the environment. The new dawn diamonds are grown in a gemology lab & no dangerous mining work or the massive amount of energy is needed to create them. To get the new dawn diamonds only a minimum amount of energy is needed & they don’t create environmental pollution like the mining of real diamonds. Also, the new dawn diamonds are socially more beneficial than the real diamonds.
  • Cheaper than the real diamonds – the new dawn diamonds are very much cheaper in terms of cost, energy consumption, time to create, lesser pollution & are more environment-friendly than the real diamonds. Therefore, the new dawn diamonds are a better choice if you want to buy a diamond.
  • Similar property – You must be thinking that it must be like the diamond simulants that only mimics the diamond look but are different compounds like American diamonds or Cubic Zirconia. But the new dawn diamonds are not diamond simulants, they are man-made diamonds made of actual carbon atoms & chemically cloned as the real one. They are made of the same material as natural diamonds & therefore, the new dawn diamonds have the same durability, brilliance & chemical properties as the real diamonds.
  • Availability – As the name suggests the new dawn diamonds are modern & new to the jewelry industry. But in most of the advanced & reputed jewelry studios, you can get them in different variety.

The new dawn created diamonds are always a better choice if you want to get the forever beauty of a diamond in much cheaper price & without feeling the guilt of harming the surrounding environment & society.

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