Design Your Own Diamond Ring and Surprise Others! But How?

Design Your Own Diamond Ring and Surprise Others! But How?

By Seo Team | June 7, 2019

It seems as if you are deprived of guidance and so likes to design your own engagement ring. This might be a bit overwhelming for you, but believe us it can be an amazing outcome if you design them delicately.

Searching for the perfect engagement ring often creates trouble. You might have looked for a perfect engagement ring in Chicago. But it is difficult to come to a conclusion, as there are plenty of options. Hence it is better to settle down customizing your own ring.

So, are you ready to design your own diamond engagement ring? Wait a second. Before you head to customize your engagement ring it is better you go through the guide. Our blog will help you to design a perfect diamond ring for yourself or for the person you want to gift. Let’s get started.

  1. What is Your Budget? The very first thing that troubles the most is the budget. It is often said that the custom-made diamonds are costlier than the ready-made pieces. But the statement has a twist in it. Custom-made diamonds will cost heavy only if you choose the expensive design or style, expensive diamond shape, and the rare diamond color. If you choose the elements smartly, you will end up making a budget-friendly payment. After all, these are on your hand.

    Have you decided on your budget? Have you calculated the estimate? Make market research and find the diamond rate available in the market. This will help you to make a proper estimate, maybe an approx. Based on your budget, the following points will depend.

  2. What type of diamond do you want to include? Diamonds are mainly of two primary types. The real diamonds that are grown naturally, under the earth. And the man-made diamonds that are grown in the labs. Since the former diamonds are rare in nature, they possess a sky-high rate. Hence the formation of the lab created diamonds. These diamonds are identical to the natural diamonds in both physical, chemical, and optical properties.

    No matter what type of diamond it is, they are available in numerous shapes and sizes. For example, princess cut diamonds, pave diamonds, cushion cut diamonds and many more. All these diamonds with respect to their facets are valued accordingly. For instance, round brilliant cut diamonds are the most expensive diamond type. Something to think gracefully.

  3. Which diamond setting will be perfect? Multiple lab-created diamond settings are available in the diamond market. These include bezel setting, pave settings, halo settings, solitaire settings and so on. Pave settings are the most expensive one as they use pave diamonds. Even the settings that include round brilliant cut lab-created New Dawn diamond are costlier than the other settings.

  4. What type of diamond color do you want to choose? If you want to go with the tradition you can simply opt for the colorless diamonds, as the real diamonds are always colorless. But if you want a contemporary feel in your diamond ring, then lab-created diamonds are available in multiple shades. From romantic pink shade to the sky blue and grass green, diamonds in Chicago have an endless collection of these exclusive pieces.

  5. Where to customize? Finally, for what you were waiting for a long. The destination for customizing your diamond ring. Not every diamond stores in Chicago will tailor to your needs. But if you visit the Jewelers Row, Chicago you will find endless reputed jewelers in the Mallers’ Building that allow the customers to customize their products at an affordable rate. Even if you want to construct your piece with lab-grown diamonds, Chicago will definitely soothe your needs.

Lab-created diamonds or the certified mined diamonds of Chicago are pocket-friendly and so are often considered as the best friend of the budget lovers. So if you build your diamond ring using these lab-grown diamonds it will certainly be cost-effective. We guess, no one will believe you if you convey the real cause.

Looking for such eco-friendly diamonds? Chicago possesses a separate hub for it. Move down to the diamond district, Jewelers Row and you will discover reputed jewelers like Diamonds Inc available there.

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