Life time Guarantee

Extended Service Plan

With our Extended Service Plan you will have peace of mind & protection to cover any needed repairs for your jewelry

This valuable plan will cover you against costly repairs & labor charges that you would normally pay for during the course of regular maintenance & normal wear & tear.

We will provide resizing of rings, rhodium plating, retipping or replacing prongs, soldering breaks, stone tightening, earring repairs, clasp repairs, chain & bracelet repairs & restringing of pearls.
* Does not cover the replacement or repair of gemstones*

The Extended Service Plan must be purchased at the time of your jewelry purchase or up to (30) days after your jewelry purchase.

Ask your sales associate for details.


Jewelry looks its best when it is clean. To maintain the appearance of your new jewelry remember that lotions, your natural body oil, soap & cosmetics can dull your jewelry’s appearance. Fortunately diamonds & gemstones clean up quickly & easily.

In between your professional cleanings at Diamonds Inc. you can pick up a jar of jewelry cleaner from us or at your local drugstore. Another option is available to you is to use lukewarm soapy water & a small brush to loosen dirt particles & build up that may be on your jewelry. Rinse under warm water & pat dry with a clean lint free cloth.* This process is not recommended for Emeralds, Opals, Pearls, or other porous gemstones.*

Although a diamond is the hardest substance known to mankind it is not indestructible & can crack or become chipped. Diamonds stored together can scratch one another & thereby reduce the clarity & subsequently the value. It is best to store your fine jewelry separately.



Lifetime Loss & Damage Guarantee: Diamonds Inc. Guarantees your diamond or gemstone against loss, chipping or cracking while it is in the original setting. (Emeralds, Opals & Pearls are excluded) *Conditions Apply*

Lifetime Diamond Trade-In Policy: You may trade-in your diamond center stone for its full purchase price (excluding tax) towards the purchase price of a new diamond. *Trade-in diamond cannot be chipped, cracked, burned or altered in any way & must be in the condition in which it was originally purchased. The diamonds must be accompanied by the diamond grading report or certification which was issued with it, if any. GIA, EGL, HRD, IGI etc.*

Lifetime Ring Sizing: If your finger size ever changes we will resize your ring absolutely free of charge for any smaller size. If material has to be added to complete sizing you will only be charged the price of the additional metal or stones necessary to resize the ring.

Lifetime Inspection & Refinishing: Bring your ring in for a complimentary inspection & refinishing which includes buffing, polishing ultrasonic & steam cleaning at no cost to you for as long as you own your ring. *Rhodium plating is available at an additional cost.*

Mounting Guarantee: We will guarantee that the mounting of your new ring will be free from defects in material & craftsmanship for one year from the date of purchase.

*All guarantees are conditional & based upon your jewelry receiving proper care & maintenance & being inspected & noted on this document by an authorized Diamond Inc. representatives every 6 months. In addition all necessary & recommended repairs must be completed by our representatives or other parties that we may deem as being competent. The Lifetime loss & Damage Guarantee are limited to diamonds or gemstones that are 0.20 carat weight or less. Labor cost to replace stones will apply. Trade-In purchases must be 50% greater than the value of the traded item.

*This guarantee does not cover theft, misuse, neglect or abuse. Any repairs, modifications, tampering, treatments or procedures that are performed by any persons other than Diamonds Inc. or its authorized representatives will void this guarantee.