Want to Secure Your Jewelry with Jewelry Clasps? Here are 8 Variants

By Seo Team | July 5, 2019 | Tag: metal wedding rings in chicago

Although jewelry clasps belong to those underappreciated features of a piece of jewelry, it contributes a lot when it is about securing a jewelry piece. A Jewelry gets more secure when you fasten a jewelry clasp with it. Despite the fact, there are endless jewelry pieces that do not hold a clasp, including a clasp into a jewelry piece makes the piece more safe and secure.

A jewelry clasp or a jewelry fastener allows the wearer to put on the necklace or the bracelet with ease and taken off without any hurdle. Even if the jewelry piece is undersized, you can easily put it on or off without causing any damage to yourself as well as your jewelry. That is the primary reason why people love to include this clasp while customizing their jewelry.

Would you like to have customized jewelry in Chicago? Our diamond studio not just takes care of the quality of the diamonds, but even make sure the jewelry you purchase is secured to the best. We do our best to reduce the degree of risk associated with the jewelry, simply by installing a clasp to it.

Two different ways are used to introduce clasp into jewelry. Either they are made hidden or they are exposed in a stylish way. Do your ornament has a jewelry clasp? If not you can simply contact us to and get it attached by our craftsmen. Hiring our jewelry repair service Chicago will tailor to all your needs.

Here’s a list of different types of jewelry clasps that you can find in our store as well.

Spring Ring Jewelry Clasp: As the name suggests, the clasps use a spring mechanism to secure your jewelry piece. How does it work? When you press the lever back, the spring compresses and it allows the tab to move into the ring. And the moment you release your fingers from the lever the spring will move back to its original position. Our customized jewelry pieces are often built using these clasps.

Fishhook Jewelry Clasp: Fishbook clasps, may not be considered the most popular clasps, but if used it will be an amazing approach to safe your jewelry. In this clasp, at one end there is a typical metal hook while the other end possesses a decorative oval. The hook is inserted into the oval shape just like you hook a fish. It can be one of the most secure clasps but is difficult to handle by one hand.

Lobster Jewelry Clasp: Be it a diamond bracelet or a golden chain with a diamond pendant, lobster jewelry clasp is one of the most prominent clasp style used by our craftsmen. The clasp looks almost like a lobster claw, hence the name lobster jewelry clasp.
The mechanism is almost similar to the spring ring jewelry clasp. The lever associated with the clasp when pulled down, the claw gets open, thus allowing the tab to enter the claw. And it closes when you release the lever. The mechanism as well as the structure, act amazingly when associated with any jewelry piece.

Barrel Jewelry Clasp: Barrel jewelry clasps, unlike other clasps, are quite difficult. To perform the mechanism of a barrel clasp bracelet, you may need the help of another person. The clasp comprises of two small cylindrical pieces of metal of which one piece is like a screw that goes into another piece simply by turning it into a clockwise direction. These clasps are often used in higher-end custom-made jewelry Chicago.

Toggle Jewelry Clasp: To secure your jewelry, we even have an option for toggle jewelry clasp. This particular jewelry clasp compared to other clasps, is large in size and contains an open shape, maybe ‘o’ and a bar shape, maybe ‘t’. The mechanism is like you have to slide the bar into the circle and turn it so that the bar is locked and your jewelry is secured. The idea may be glorious but it is not a wise approach to include these clasps in heavy or expensive jewelry, as they cannot support a heavyweight jewelry. The jewelries that are made of diamonds Chicago jewelers never make use of these clasps for security.

S Hook Jewelry Clasp: Another most common jewelry clasp used in jewelry pieces, especially to the chain, is the ‘S’ shaped hook clasp. These were the most traditional clasps used for traditional or conventional jewelry pieces. The clasp has two parts. One is open with a circular shape and another one has an ‘s’ shape that hooks into the circular part. Would you like to have custom-made jewelry in Chicago? Make sure you are not using these clasps for your heavy jewelry pieces. They do not fit for heavyweight jewelry pieces.

Slide Lock Jewelry Clasp: Our jewelry repair service in Chicago also has a collection for slide lock jewelry clasp. These clasps are extremely used for necklaces or bracelets with multiple strings. These strings may be of bracelet or necklace, are fixed with two thin tubes.

Magnetic Jewelry Clasp: Have you witnessed magnetic jewelry clasps? We have a separate section for that as well. These are just magnets that are used at the two ends of the jewelry piece. You may witness these clasps in assorted shapes, styles, colors, and strength. Since they are easy to use and offer a sophisticated look, they are specially used in the jewelry pieces made for older women.

There are cases when a brand new piece of jewelry falls apart just because they do not hold a clasp. Even the gold and diamond jewelry piece collapse only because the clasps that are used are of bad quality. We ensure you will not face any such problem if you order a custom made jewelry piece from our store.

If you are looking for a custom made jewelry Chicago will provide you with the most reputed jewelry outlets that will take care of all these small but significant aspects gracefully.

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