Check Out Our 2019 Diamond Engagement Ring Trends

By Seo Team | February 19, 2019 | Tag: New dawn diamonds

Diamond engagement rings are in popularity for thousands of years. They used to define these rings as the symbol of love and commitment and even now, these rings possess the same significance and meaning. Are you planning to customize a diamond engagement ring from Chicago? For that, you need to know about the latest designs and styles that are launched in the market.

Diamonds never get backdated. But the designs and styles that are crafted to add beauty and luster to the diamond pieces always change with time. And the only way to learn about the new addition is to explore the galleries.

Based on the survey, here we have listed down some latest engagement ring trends that are going to create a buzz in 2019.

1. Fancy Shaped Diamonds: Are you looking for a diamond engagement ring? Whenever it comes to an engagement ring, it is the traditional round brilliant diamond solitaire ring that strikes our mind. Isn’t it? However, 2019 has come with non-round or fancy shaped diamonds. Oval and pear-shaped diamond shapes were in the limelight in the previous year and you must have expected the same. But surprisingly, this year is all about the fancy cuts like cushion cut or radiant cut diamonds.

2. Halo Diamond Rings: Halo diamond engagement rings of Chicago were in the high flame in the past few years. However, owing to their elegant and marvellous texture and appearance, these are again in trend. The speciality of these diamonds is they appear large when stacked as the center of the diamond ring. Many couples crave for this distinct and delicate accent.

3. Contemporary Take on Three-Stone Rings: Three stone rings have a lot more to seek the attention of the viewers. It is being said, that the three stones feature the couple’s past, present and future, where the center gem is accented by two diamonds or other other gemstones on either side. Such a contemporary look adds a distinct perfection to the timeless treasure. If you want, you may incorporate them with fancy-shaped diamonds or unique accent gemstones like baguettes, trillions, pears, etc.

4. Yellow Gold Rings: Till now, platinum or white gold metals are preferred with diamonds to give a lusturous and signified look to the ornament. This year people are ready to shop something new. Yellow gold engagement rings with accented diamonds that were once faded, are again in trend. Diamonds or other fancy colored gemstones are inserted to complement this ring, thus offering a bit vintage, classic and modern style.

5. Stacked rings: Among the other selecting styles, stacked rings are pretty famous. Whether it is for an engagement purpose or any other special occasion, couples are now preferring to customize rings stacked with diamonds. These basically resemble wedding band – a bit traditional, a bit modern, overall providing a timeless classic look.

Above all, lab-grown diamonds or new dawn diamonds are highly appreciated by most of the buyers. Nowadays, buyers are more budget conscious. They look for amazing yet economical stuff and that is the reason why the new dawn diamonds are being highlighted. These diamonds are stated “eco-friendly” as they won’t disturb a single shovelful of the earth while the creation. Although being lab-created, they are formed under the HPDT or CVD process, thus ensuring the same identical properties of a real mined diamond. In fact, if you compare them gracefully, these diamonds are more sustainable than organic diamonds and are more elegant and fire.

Confused, whether to go with these? Oh! Come on. These may be lab-created, but are authentic GIA certified diamonds, that gives you the assurance that they are not duplicate and you can rely on for your purchase.

Are you heading to customize an engagement ring from Chicago’s leading diamond outlet? In that case, Diamonds Inc may serve you the best to a great extent. They do not just offer wide diamond creations, but even allow the clients to customize their products, at a reasonable rate.

Why Are New Dawn Diamonds Becoming More Popular?

By Seo Team | June 4, 2018 | Tag: New dawn diamonds

In today’s date, diamonds mean ‘New Dawn Diamonds’. Why so? Have you ever thought of? Most of you have a tendency to go as per the market demand, without knowing its pros and cons. Instead of taking your own decision, you love to follow others. Is this what you are? Well, in that case, you should know why New Dawn diamonds have taken the place of real mined diamonds and why they are ruling the diamond market.

So, without wasting your time let us check out the key points on why New Dawn diamonds are becoming popular day by day. Are you ready? Let’s get started.


1. Cost Effective:

Before buying something, we all have a common tendency to check out the market price of that particular item. Isn’t it? Then why will diamond be isolated from that? Before the advent of New Dawn diamonds, you might have a perception that diamonds being cost-effective is impossible as they are considered to be the most expensive gemstone available in the market. But your concept was eventually proved wrong and it has appeared just as the icing on the cake. Lab-created diamonds being formed in the laboratory, are available in a huge mass. Whereas, if you look for the real mined diamonds, you will hardly find one. That is the reason why, they can be purchased comparatively at a lower price rate. Want to invest less, but still want to gift something special? Lab-grown diamonds will definitely rule your heart.

2. Eco-Friendly:

New Dawn diamonds are again considered as Eco-friendly diamonds. Why so? Diamonds that you have studied in your high school, are formed under the Earth’s crust, whereas the diamonds that you are learning now, are created in the laboratory by the gemologists. Therefore lab-grown diamonds do not disturb a shovelful amount of earth while its creation. In addition, to get the natural diamonds huge machines are required to mine out the diamonds, that again causes serious pollution. On another hand, no such sound or air pollution occurs when diamonds are grown in labs. In labs, all these things are mostly taken care of. Are you a person with eco-friendly attitude? Then surely you will gonna love it.

3. Everlasting:

Just like real mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are also everlasting in nature. These diamonds once bought can be used till eternity. Such an everlasting diamonds at a cost-effective rate, isn’t it amazing? Most of you before committing to buy such diamonds, start wondering about its future. But believe us, these diamonds are beyond your wonder. You can’t even imagine such features of real diamonds in lab-grown diamonds. Do you?

Are you getting heart attacks? Hold on tight. Because there are still some breathtaking features waiting for you.

4. Similar Graded:

Not just like that, people are running after these diamonds. Lab-created diamonds or the New Dawn diamonds are absolutely identical to mined diamonds, in both physical properties and chemical composition. Likewise, they are similarly graded as those natural diamonds. They too possess the four C’s- Cut, Color, Carat, and Clarity, as that of the mined diamonds and are graded by the GIA labs. Don’t worry, the jewelers can’t cheat on you. Because, it is the duty of every jeweler to provide the GIA certificate to their buyers on their every purchase. This is yet another reason why people are having a craze to buy such diamonds.

5. Multiple Options:

Buyers, especially the women always look for varieties while purchasing, no matter whether it is a jewelry, costume or something else. They actually want to get the best out of the collection and look the best among others. Moreover, they have a tendency to pair their jewelry with their dress. Is their desire be fulfilled putting on real mined diamonds? Unfortunately not. Real diamonds can only give you variety in shapes, not in shades. As they are found colorless. But lab-created diamonds can make your dream come true. Want a pink heart-shaped diamond, blue round brilliant cut diamond, or anything else? You can get a variety of colors and shapes for your love.

6. Can Be Tested:

While buying something expensive we all have a tendency to examine it, to assure whether the product is fake or not. Isn’t it? Now the question is, “Is this actually needed for the diamonds grown in the laboratory? Since the diamond jewelers are already providing their customers with the GIA certificate.” Well, it is always useful to be secure from beforehand. You don’t have to look for the ways separately, to detect these diamonds. Your lab-grown diamonds can easily be detected by using all the possible ways of distinguishing real diamonds from the fake one. Are you aware of the tests? If not, check out our blogs on diamond tests and detect whether your diamond is a fake stone or the real one.

All these above-mentioned reasons, have taken the breathe away of every potential diamond buyers. Will you like to be the one? Browse the Google and get the best destination of buying such diamonds at a reasonable rate. However, if you don’t mind traveling, then we will refer you to visit the Chicago’s Diamond district once. We are sure the Historic Jewelers Row will certainly take your heart out and you can’t help yourself in purchasing diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, or any other diamond studded jewelry from there.


Buying Diamonds – A Pinch To Your Pocket Or Your Partner’s Smile?

By Seo Team | May 31, 2018 | Tag: New dawn diamonds

Everyone has a different point of view for diamonds. Some say diamonds are a pinch to their pocket, and some say they can bring a smile on their partner’s face. Which one do you feel? There is no doubt that diamonds are expensive, but at the same time they are considered as a girl’s best friend. You can’t deny that too.

Organic Diamonds are formed naturally under the Earth’s crust, when the carbon particles undergo very high temperature (about 2200 Fahrenheit) and high pressure, in the Diamond Stability zone. It takes about billions of years to form a pure allotrope of carbon. In the end, these stones are brought above the earth’s surface, either by mining or by volcanic eruptions. However, the stones that are mined from the earth’s surface are devoid of its physical properties. These stones after being polished and given a fine cut, emit the actual fire and luster of a diamond. Well, it will not be wrong to mention, that such natural diamonds are very rare in nature. That is the reason why, they are considered as the most expensive gemstone, and if very harshly mentioned pinching the pocket of every buyer.

Most of you may have accepted the above fact. However, there are some who says ‘no’ to it. They find Diamonds are the reason for their partner’s smile. No doubt it is true to some extent. Diamonds are said to be the hardest substance. They possess the highest thermal conductivity as well as high optical dispersion. Its exclusive fire and luster, have ruled thousands of hearts. Not only that, there are multiple myths of diamonds that have taken the diamonds to a different level and as a result contributed a bit to its price rate. For instance, diamonds are considered to be auspicious and for this reason, a ritual of wearing a diamond engagement ring or wedding ring has been prevailing for years. Interested to know more about the myths? Go through our blog on fictitious stories about diamonds.

Apart from this, there are some who find diamonds are the good investment. They simply go with the fact that “Diamonds are forever”. As because, diamonds are known as the hardest substance that exists in nature. They believe it is better to invest in diamonds rather than looking for something else. However, it is hard to say that a diamond with time loses its value.

So, it seems to be harder to get to the conclusion, whether buying diamonds is a pinch to your pocket or your partner’s smile. What if diamonds bring a smile to your partner’s face without annoying your pocket? Don’t you think its’ a brilliant idea? Yes, of course. But this can only happen if lab-grown New Dawn diamonds play the major role.

Lab-grown diamonds or New Dawn diamonds, formed in the laboratory are 100% identical to real mined diamonds. Most of you have a wrong concept that these diamonds are duplicate diamonds or diamond simulants. If you are talking about diamond simulants, then you must clear your concept that such stones only look identical to the real mined diamonds, but can never possess the characteristics of real mined diamonds. Some examples of such imitate diamonds are Cubic Zirconia and Moissanite. So don’t get confused with the lab-created diamonds.

Now the question is, how can these diamonds be pocket-friendly? As they are grown in the laboratory, they are formed in a huge mass. This turns out to be an advantage for you. You may wonder, diamonds at a cost-effective rate, seem to be suspicious. But trust us they are not. Except for their origin, you can’t differentiate them in a distinct way. However, there almost a battle going on between man-made diamonds and real organic diamonds. Check out the blog on A fight between diamond made naturally or in a lab and know in details.

Hope now, it will not be a difficult task to decide whether a diamond is a pinch to your pocket or smile to your partner. Isn’t it? So, we will like you to go for such exclusive diamonds and bring back the smile on your partner’s face as well as save your pocket instantly. Have you ever checked out the diamonds in Chicago? Believe us, this will be an awesome destination for buying diamonds.

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A Fight Between Diamond Made Naturally Or In A Lab

By Seo Team | May 29, 2018 | Tag: New dawn diamonds

The battle between lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds are prevailing from the day diamonds are created in the laboratory. Will you like to participate in this fight? Or you can’t even decide which one to prefer, which one to be with. Well, in that case, it is better to look for their difference initially as most of you are still unaware of the basic facts about lab-grown diamonds. Most of you have a misconception, that lab-grown diamonds are fake diamonds and you end up referring them as duplicate diamonds, or diamond simulants. This is where you all go wrong. This blog is basically for you people who are preparing their mind for real diamonds and refuse to go with lab-created diamonds. Well, we are not compelling you to go with lab-grown diamonds. We simply don’t have any right to do so. But what we can, is to make you aware of the differences between the two. Once you are aware of all the features, you itself will be able to decide, which one to prefer the most.

So, let us check out is there really any difference between lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds?


Let Us Start With Their Origin.

Natural diamonds as the name suggest, are formed naturally under earth’s crust. The diamonds that are mined today, take over billions of years to grow. These are formed when the pure carbon undergoes very high temperature and pressure, under the Earth’s mantle. This gives rise to Organic diamonds, or the popular natural diamonds and is brought above the earth’s surface either by mining or naturally through violent volcanic eruptions. According to science, it only forms in the Diamond Stability Zone and under 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. That is the reason why Diamonds are said to be the most stable form of carbon.

In contrast to this, lab-grown diamonds are man-made and are formed in the laboratory under the supervision of the gemologists. In order to make these diamonds identical to organic diamonds, they are grown under high pressure and high temperature. Basically, two fundamental methods are used to create these diamonds. They are: either chemical vapor deposition(CVD) process or high-pressure-high temperature(HPHT) process. However, CVD method has ruled over HPHT process, in today’s date. To know in details check out the blog how lab-created or Synthetic diamonds are made. Though lab-grown diamonds are named as ‘synthetic diamonds’, they are not technically synthetic diamonds. This is because the man-made diamonds possess the identical physical and chemical composition as that of the real mined diamonds. They hold the same fire, scintillation and same optical properties as organic diamonds.

Are Man-Made Diamonds Devoid Of Flaws?

By the term ‘flaws’ we mean to say, the number of inclusions present in the diamonds. Whether it is organic or synthetic, diamonds definitely have inclusions. Some have few and some have many. Depending on such inclusions, the clarity of a diamond is determined. More the flaws, less the clarity and vice-versa. For both lab-grown and natural diamonds, clarity grades are assigned by the GIA or AGS labs.

In case of lab-grown diamonds, metallic inclusions occur as a molten metal solution is used to grow such diamonds. These are basically identified with 10x magnification. However, natural diamonds are devoid of such metallic inclusions. Moreover, hardly such organic diamonds are found, which are devoid of inclusions like feathers, crystals, pinpoints, and clouds.

Differences In Colors

Unlike organic diamonds, lab-created diamonds have multiple shades – white, yellow, pink, red, blue, green, and all other shades ranging from K to D grades. CVD grown diamonds are basically brown in color and are decolorized in order to make them colorless and near colorless. Whereas, most of the organic diamonds are naturally colorless and some of them due to impurities have yellow and blue hues.

Therefore, if you are interested to put on a variety of shades, then man-made new dawn diamonds can give you the flexibility.

What About The Grades?

Both lab-grown diamonds and real diamonds are graded from GIA labs, but both in a different way. In case of man-made diamonds, the GIA issues a Synthetic Diamond Grading Report. This report represents the color zoning, metallic inclusions, weak strain patterns and colors of ultraviolet fluorescence, in order to distinguish them from the real diamonds.

Hope now you have understood that lab-created diamonds are far different from the Diamonds simulants. Duplicate diamonds only look identical to real mined diamonds, and fail to possess any other properties of organic diamonds. But the man-made diamonds give you every possible feature at a less expensive rate. So, which side will you take? Be wise to decide it.

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10 Unknown Facts About Lab Created Diamonds.

By Seo Team | May 23, 2018 | Tag: New dawn diamonds

Most of you beat a retreat, whenever you hear the phrase ‘lab-created diamond’. You feel that the dazzling stones are not the original diamonds, rather they are just an imitation of those. Are you the one among such buyers? If yes, then you must be unaware of the facts related to lab-created diamonds. In this blog, we have come up with 10 exciting unknown facts about these lab-grown diamonds. After going through it, you will realize what a mess you have done on refusing to buy such diamonds.

Are you ready to check out the points? Great! let us have look.

1. Not duplicate diamonds:

Lab-grown diamonds are not at all duplicate diamonds, rather they are 100% identical to mined diamonds. Surprised? You should be. If you are the one who generally avoids taking risks of buying such lab-created diamonds, then you must read this point at least twice. For your sake let us clear this out, that the definition of duplicate diamonds begins with Cubic Zirconia or Moissanite. Such imitations look exactly the same as that of the mined diamonds, but do not possess any characteristics of natural diamonds. Whereas, these lab-grown diamonds possess the same physical as well as chemical composition as that of real mined diamonds. Thus they achieve the same dazzling sparkle and luster.

2. Certified diamonds:

This particular point has been taken up to prove the previous fact. No one, including you, will believe that the diamonds which are formed in the laboratory are 100% identical to the mined diamonds, unless you are provided with a certificate. Well, to ensure all the buyers, these lab-grown diamonds are certified from the GIA labs. This means that the diamonds though formed in the laboratory are completely natural in all respect. Therefore to confirm it, the certificate is provided to every potential buyer along with their purchase.

3. Graded just as mined diamonds:

You will be surprised to know that the Lab-grown diamonds which once you have rejected just by assuming it as imitation stones, are graded by the Gemological labs using the same four C’s that the real mined diamonds use. By the term Gemological labs we mean to refer the International Gemological Insititute, that we have already mentioned in our previous point. These abide by every government rule before disclosure of lab-grown diamonds. Therefore, the same quality graded diamonds with four c’s- colour, carat, cut and clarity can be obtained in lab-grown diamonds.

4. Created under CVD or HPHT process:

You must be knowing that the original mined diamonds are formed under the Earth’s crust under extreme pressure and temperature. The diamonds which are mined today, are formed billions of years ago. Just to maintain the process and make sure that the lab-grown diamonds have all the aspects of natural mined diamonds, these diamonds are created under Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) or High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) process. However, the CVD process is highly appreciated if compared to the HPHT method. Are you excited to know this in details? It is better if you go through our blog that speaks how lab-created diamonds are made.

5. High Tech Miracle:

Have you ever thought that Lab-grown diamonds can be a high tech miracle? Yes, patented processes and proprietary equipments are used to bring out the miracle. No doubt, a diamond seed is used to form such an intimate diamond. Initially a rough diamond crystal grows and eventually the dazzling stone is created having all identical properties. Since real diamond is considered to be the hardest substance, its chemical, electrical, thermal and optical properties are adapted after a whole long process is done.

6. Eco-friendly diamonds:

The Lab-certified diamonds or the New dawn diamonds are considered as the eco-friendly diamonds. You must be thinking – how a diamond can be eco-friendly. Right? Yes, everything is possible if diamonds are lab-created. This is because, lab created diamonds won’t disturb a single amount of earth during its creation. Whereas, to mine natural diamonds a large amount of Earth is been removed. Are you an eco-friendly person? Well, in that case you have missed such an amazing product.

7. Sustainable Resource:

Even though the real diamonds are hardly found in nature, the demand for purchasing diamonds are gradually increasing day by day. Do you think the needs of all the potential buyers are not being fulfilled? The supply of mined diamonds may get reduced, development of huge mines get reduced, but not the needs of people. Such gap is filled by these New Dwan diamonds. As these diamonds are formed in the laboratory, there will be no such case that the resource will decline with time. In fact, these restore the Earth’s natural resources.

8. Everlasting diamonds:

You must have known that diamonds are everlasting. But most of you hesitate to buy these lab grown diamonds as you are not aware of their lifespan. But like natural diamonds, New Dawn diamonds are also termed as eternal diamonds, as their lifespan is for eternity.

9. Guaranteed Origin:

The only difference that lies between natural diamonds and lab-certified diamonds is in their origin. Natural diamonds as you all know are formed naturally under the Earth’s crust, whereas these diamonds are created in the laboratory. Therefore, since you are aware of the fact where these diamonds were born, you can remain sure about their source. You don’t have to hover around. All these will be crafted on the lab certificate.

10. Less-expensive:

Last but not the least, Lab-grown diamonds costs comparatively less than real mined diamonds. Yes, it is not a joke. But you can get your desired diamond at a pocket-friendly rate. This is just because the diamonds are created in the labs and in a mass. Yes, identical mined diamonds at a reasonable rate. Isn’t it amazing? Stop imagining. And reach the destination where you had said ‘no’ to the lab-created diamonds.

Hope these facts have changed your perspective regarding lab-certified diamonds. If this is the case, what are you waiting for? Look for a suitable diamond dealer and check out your wedding ring, engagement ring or any other diamond studded jewelries based on such diamonds.

Chicago-The Best Destination to Buy Wedding Ring Why?

By Seo Team | May 16, 2018 | Tag: New dawn diamonds

So, are you looking for an exclusive collection of wedding rings? Why shouldn’t you explore the rings of Chicago? Chicago has an awesome breathtaking collection, which you hardly find it anywhere else. Chicago is ready to serve all your desire, whether it is wedding or engagement rings, wedding bands, pendants, earrings, or any other diamond products. But why we are emphasizing on Chicago, why not somewhere else. Obviously, it has some reason behind this. Excited to know it? Hold on tight. Because this is something beyond your imagination.

1. Multiple stores, multiple collections:

What you normally do while purchasing a diamond jewelry, is to move to a store directly, check out the collection available there and may be forced to purchase a product that doesn’t meet your desire. But Chicago’s Diamond district gives you options after options. The Mallers Building residing there is a bank of 190 jewelers representing 33 countries. Have you ever thought of uncountable options for a single demand? Yes, no matter whether it is your diamond wedding ring or engagement ring, you will be able to be the witness of breathtaking collections. Just imagine ‘collection’ itself is a collective noun, then how will you define ‘collections’? The diamond district or namely Historic Jewelers Row has an array of diamond jewelers ranging from small traders to popular diamond outlets.

2. Wholesale diamond retailers:

Diamonds at a wholesale rate, isn’t it amazing? Yes, Chicago’s diamond stores offer diamond products at a pocket-friendly rate. What if you made a budget for your wedding ring and get a chance to buy a heart-shaped diamond pendant too? Will you not take this opportunity? Every diamond trader residing at this posh area sells diamonds at a wholesale rate. No matter whatever may be your desire, you will not have to lend money from your friends or relatives.

3. Lab-created diamonds:

You must be in thought, how diamonds can be obtained at a pocket-friendly rate. All your confusions will be cleared at this point. Chicago, the third most populated city of United States is all about lab-created diamonds or new dawn diamonds. And that is the reason why every tourist traveling there makes out time from their busy schedule, to check out the dazzling diamond collection and buys one if desired. Now, since the name suggest lab-created, don’t confuse these with duplicate diamonds. These may not be formed within the earth’s crust, but are 100% identical to natural diamonds, both in physical as well as chemical compositions. Moreover, natural mined diamonds are always colourless, but you can get blue, pink, green, yellow and different other shades in such diamonds. Want a pink heart-shaped diamond wedding ring for your love? Yes, this is available in every diamond store in Chicago.

4. Customization available within three days:

Want to customize a wedding ring, but you have only three days in hand? Normally, this is impossible. But the diamond stores in Chicago observes this term ‘impossible’ as ‘i m possible’. Yes, Chicago’s diamond outlets give you the flexibility to buy custom-made diamond within three days, no matter whether it is your wedding ring or wedding band or any other diamond studded jewelry. If you are failed to bring out the best from the collections or have decided to design your own ring, then Historic Jewelers Row and the Jewelers Center can prove to be the best for you. What do you need to do? Just pick up the type of diamond you want to use for your ring, and share your ideas and concepts to them. The professional craftsmen will bring down the exact what you desire.

5. Free valet parking service:

Free valet parking at the posh area of Chicago, isn’t it just an icing on the cake? What you won’t get anywhere you will get here in Chicago. Though there are a very few stores available that can give you this flexibility, still you can get this opportunity if you have a research from beforehand. Just imagine, you are willing to shop a diamond wedding ring in Chicago, and you don’t have to think of parking your car. Such a hassle-free shopping can only be enjoyed in the diamond district of Chicago.

6. Personal Assistance:

Everyone wants to get the best out of the collection, including you. Isn’t it? Personal assistance residing at every diamond store in Chicago is there to assist every customer to get the best from the collection or design the best for them. Normally, when you are shopping a diamond product, you may be bound to buy the one that doesn’t meet your requirement. But in Chicago, if you are looking for a wedding ring, then you can’t help yourself designating as a happy customer. The personal assistance there serve you personally and helps you to get the best for your love.

7. Certified diamonds:

In most of the cases, you may be bound to think whether your diamond is the real one or not. But you don’t have to think of it when you are purchasing diamonds from Chicago. This is because of the certified diamonds. Yes, we have already discussed with you about the lab-created diamonds in our previous points. These diamonds are certified from GIA labs and the jeweler is bound to give you the certificate along with your product. This certificate is the symbol that your diamond is original and possesses all such characteristics of a natural diamond. Will you go for any other diamonds leaving the certified diamonds behind?

Hope now you have concluded that Chicago means diamonds and diamonds mean it has to be from Chicago. But before planning to check out the collection, you must go through the different types of engagement or wedding rings feasible in the market. This will help you to make your desire and look for it accordingly.

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How To Buy Lab-Created Diamonds In Chicago

By Seo Team | May 12, 2018 | Tag: New dawn diamonds

Are you hunting for something special to gift your love? Then you should look for diamonds. But why diamonds? Because diamonds act as the symbol of love, extensive care and commitment. They might be expensive but definitely not a worthless investment. Now the question is, from where to buy diamonds? Diamonds and Chicago has an adorable relationship. When it comes to diamonds, Chicago has to be the priority and vice versa. But why? To know why we refer Chicago to buy diamonds, just click on the said link and go through our blog.

So are you ready to buy diamonds from Chicago? That is a brilliant decision. Chicago has a wonderful collection of diamonds at a less expensive rate. But that doesn’t mean you can rely on every jeweler to make your desire. There are certain measures you need to follow so as to buy diamonds in Chicago. Don’t panic. It’s not as difficult as you are thinking. In this blog, we will try to help you out by sharing with you the obvious measures.

1. Research on Jeweler:

No matter whether you are buying diamonds from Chicago, or any other place, you have to check out the details of the jewelers at the initial stage, before trusting on them. Now when the question comes to Chicago, then you have to be furthermore aware of this point. But why? Is this because a majority of the jewelers are fraud? Well, that is not the case. Chicago’s Historic Jewelers Row is the residence of multiple numbers of jewelers ranging from branded traders to local small wholesalers. For example, the Maller’s Building at the Jewelers Center is comprised of 190 jewelers from 33 different countries. So if you straight away visit there, you will only be in trouble. Therefore, it is better to summarize which diamond stores you need to visit and which can be avoided.

2. Save money using lab-created diamonds:

Have you heard of lab-grown New Dawn diamonds? These are the lab-created diamonds that are formed under CVD or HPHT process in the laboratory and thus possess the identical characteristics of a real mined diamond. What if you get diamonds at a wholesale rate? These diamonds are formed in a huge mass, and so can be easily purchased at a pocket-friendly rate. Everyone wants to save their pocket for future investment, including you. Thus we will recommend, look for lab-grown diamonds instead of natural diamonds and bring a diamond smile on her face.

3. Look for certified diamonds:

In the previous option, we have asked you to spend less and buy lab-created diamonds. But how will you trust them? For this, it is mandatory to get a GIA lab certificate for those diamonds from the specified jewelers. Yes, every lab-grown diamonds are lab certified, thus giving you the guaranty that these diamonds though created in the labs but retains the same physical characteristics as well as chemical composition.

4. Ask for Personal Assistance:

Diamonds in Chicago are plenty and their creations are breathtaking. Natural diamonds are normally colourless, but these lab-grown diamonds have different varieties of shades and shapes. With time you may become confused what to buy and what not. For this, you should look for those jewelers who can serve you with personal assistance. He will not only pick up the best for you from the selection, but also if you want to go for custom-made diamond jewelry, he will assist you to create the best one for your love.

5. Undergo certain tests:

There are plenty of duplicate diamonds available in the market, that looks identical to the mined diamonds. To make sure what you are purchasing you should perform some tests to detect real diamond from the fake stones. The tests may include dot test, reflective test, fog test and so on. Are you interested to know about these in details? If so, then go through our article on Diamond tests: Fake or Real and gain some knowledge.

6. Look for free valet parking:

While scrolling down this point you may feel, how parking facility can be related to diamonds’ purchase. Don’t be surprised. Since we are talking about the posh area of Historic Jewelers Row to purchase diamonds, it is indeed necessary to keep an eye on this point. Why so? While searching for jewelers in this area, you may find it difficult as well as expensive to park your car there and get your desired diamond. But if you browse carefully, you will discover some diamond stores who provide an exclusive facility of free valet parking. Check in these stores. This as a result, will make your shopping hassle-free and you can purchase your diamond in a relaxed mood.

Hope now this is clear to you what are the things you have to keep in mind while buying diamonds in Chicago. So what are waiting for? Move down to the Historic Jewelers Row, Chicago and be the witness of such an exclusive collection of diamonds, but make sure you are having quite a knowledge of diamonds. Otherwise, you can’t help yourself being cheated by some fraud jewelers.

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Custom-Made Diamond Ring- The Best Gift For Your First Wedding Night

By Seo Team | May 9, 2018 | Tag: New dawn diamonds

So, are you getting married? Congratulations to both of you. Hope all your plans are done for your wedding ceremony? And what about your wedding night gift? Is it ready or you are still browsing it? Wedding night is the moment to carve out time for each other and live your every moment. No doubt, you have definitely planned something special for your love. And what about the token of love, the special gift? Gifts can be plenty but there is one single gift that touches the heart. And a custom-made diamond ring can be considered as such gift.

Now the question is, why we have considered custom-made diamond ring as the best gift of your wedding night. Are you excited? ok. Let’s talk about it.

1. Reveals Creativity:

Is your ready-made diamond ring gives a platform to showcase your hidden talent? Never ever. But a custom-made diamond ring helps you to reveal your creativity, your talent, your sense of humor. It is a platform where you can easily proof your artistic nature. Remember, art is the creative way to showcase your romance. Thus it shows how romantic you are as a person. There are several diamond companies, who provide such a wonderful option of customizing a ring. You can easily get your ideas and thoughts penned down creatively by them.

2. Platform to express your love:

You may feel, diamond itself is the stone of love, so what is the use of wasting the time to design a customized diamond ring. Yes, we believe that a diamond is the symbol of love, but is there any harm to express more love? Certainly not. In fact, you should always have the zeal to do something better, or something that no one has done before. A custom-made diamond ring is such an option, where your love is overloaded, not only through the diamond but also through your creativity. This is because, you are framing your diamond ring keeping your love in the mind. Will you like to miss this opportunity to showcase your love? Probably not.

3. Flexible:

Most of the time, we do not feel good enough to buy a diamond ring, but still we are forced to buy, due to lack of options. This is certainly not the case of a custom-made diamond ring. Here you will get the flexibility to choose your design, style, settings as well as the diamond itself. Whatever the shape or shade of a diamond you like, you will get the opportunity to pick the diamond according to your desire. For this, you need to be aware of the different shapes of a diamond as well as its features. Are you aware of them? If not then read our blog to know the diamond cuts and the diamond shapes.

4. Unique:

Are you looking for something extraordinary for your love to make her day special? In that case, this custom-made diamond ring is an amazing option. As we have discussed with you in previous points, customizing a ring means creating your own ring according to your desire. The style, the pattern, the design, engraved on the ring is absolutely your choice. Therefore, the final output will simply be the reflection of your thoughts and concepts. Don’t you think it will be beyond others imagination? Thus making your diamond ring unique and exceptional.

5. Budget:

Now it’s the time to decide your budget. Hold on. Are you planning to enlarge your estimate? There is no need for it. In fact, if you want you can lower your budget too. That’s surprising, isn’t it? But it’s true. A custom-made diamond ring gives you the flexibility to recharge yourself, as your budget truly depends on your design, the diamond you choose and the settings you go for. Moreover, there are plenty of diamond stores who define themselves by lab-created diamonds or New Dawn diamonds. Though these diamonds are lab-created, they are not considered as duplicate diamonds. Are you excited to know 8 ways to lower your budget? If so, then click on the above link.

Isn’t it amazing? Moreover, customizing a diamond ring takes enough time and you need to have a patience to design your ring. And that is the reason why, most of you losing your patience, end up gifting a ready-made diamond ring from the store. Are you one among them? In that case, we will say, you are losing something extraordinary and failing to gift something marvelous to your love. No matter how great your ready-made ring is, with time it will lose its uniqueness as well as its value. But that not becomes a matter of concern, if it is customized.

So what are you waiting for? Wake up and get ready to get the best for your love.

Lab-Grown New Dawn Diamonds or Mined Diamonds

By Seo Team | April 28, 2018 | Tag: New dawn diamonds

Hey, have you heard about New Dawn diamonds, the latest creation of the gemologists? If yes, then definitely you are aware of the identical features of these diamonds with respect to the mined diamonds. Though these lab-grown New dawn diamonds are 100% identical to the natural diamonds in both physical and chemical characteristics, still most of you can’t make out whether purchasing these new dawn diamonds will be right or not.

There is a misconception of every buyer. You consider that man-made or lab-created things cannot be real and or trusted. Hearing the name, and focusing on the tagline ‘lab-grown’ you have decided that since these diamonds are man-made, they are duplicate diamonds. They are made only to cheat the buyers.

To clear out all your confusion and to solve your query, we have come out with this blog, where we are going to discuss why you should not ignore lab-grown diamonds, why you can trust them just like the mined diamonds, and why you can buy your diamond ring based on new dawn diamonds. So let’s start.

‘New dawn diamonds are definitely duplicate diamonds’- If you are thinking so you are completely on the wrong track. Since these diamonds are lab-created, it doesn’t mean that they are duplicate. Unlike duplicate diamonds like moissanite, cubic zirconia, new dawn diamonds possess all the features of a mined diamond. They are graded as same as the mined diamonds, possess the same four characteristics of real diamonds and thus can be detected using the same detection processes of mined diamonds. And the only difference lies in their origin. But why the gemologists have taken a risk to bring out such a wide invention? Let us get into details.


Why shouldn’t you ignore lab-created diamonds?

You all know, that the Natural diamonds or the mined diamonds are formed under the earth’s mantle. And a large amount of earth is disturbed to mine out the dazzling stone. This hampers the mother nature. Moreover, the diamonds that are mined today, have taken billions of years to form under the earth. Thus these diamonds when mined out once, becomes rare in nature. This is another reason why you find real diamonds are so expensive.

To help you out, and save the mother earth, the gemologists have brought out the lab-grown New Dawn diamonds. Their motive is to make it easier for every buyer who wants to purchase a diamond, but can’t afford it and end up with purchasing duplicate diamonds. So, just to make sure that these diamonds are adopting all the physical and chemical properties of mined diamond, they use HPHT or CVD method to grow such diamonds. Want to know more about these processes? Check out the blog, how lab-created new dawn diamonds are made in the laboratory. Hope now this is clear to you that their intention is not to cheat the buyers but to help them. Therefore, we hardly recommend you to go for these, instead of ignoring these.

Have you ever thought that while purchasing diamond you can contribute to saving your mother nature? These lab-created diamonds give you the platform to all the busy individuals like you. You don’t have to time to plant trees. You don’t have time to resist deforestation. You don’t have time to join a campaign and inform others for afforestation. But you have time to buy diamonds for your love. Is this true? Don’t be shy. This is the nature of all common people. They rarely have time for their mother nature, but they can make time in purchasing diamonds. Thereafter, the invention of new dawn diamonds have paved the way for the individuals to be a part of go-green campaign not directly, but indirectly.

Once you are making your mind to buy lab-created new dawn diamonds, the inclination towards purchasing mined diamonds reduces. And as a result, the need for mining is not required and thus nature is saved from getting disturbed.

You will be shocked to know, that today most of the people are trusting new dawn diamonds. So we also recommend you, if you are looking for engagement or wedding rings, then go for those which are studded with lab-grown new dawn diamonds. To know the reasons you may check out our blog where we have clearly mentioned the reason why people are liking new dawn diamonds. We are absolutely sure that if you look through the reasons, you will definitely be attracted to these diamonds. Not only this, you will love to design your custom-made diamond ring or other jewelries with these lab-grown diamonds.

Hope this blog is helpful to you and hope now you have understood that how these lab-created diamonds have ruled over mined diamonds. So without wasting much your time, move down to the diamond stores that provide certified new dawn diamonds and make your purchase. Treat them as if you are buying mined diamonds. This will never let you think that these diamonds are man-made as you will get the GIA Certificate in this case also…

8 Ways to Buy Diamond Engagement Ring in Budget

By Seo Team | April 19, 2018 | Tag: New dawn diamonds

Your engagement is knocking at the door, and you still can’t make it out how you should buy a diamond engagement ring without burning your pocket. Is it true? Hearing the word ‘diamond’, makes us think twice before purchasing. Just because it is quite expensive and most of us can’t afford it.
Yes, we believe, buying a diamond is not a cup of tea for everyone. But today, we will share with you some tips that will encourage you to buy your engagement ring. Do you know why? Because we have some secret ideas for you regarding purchasing your diamond ring within your budget. Want to know what are they?

Let us discuss the 8 ways by which you can simply buy your ring for your diamond.

1. Go for Lab-Created diamonds or New Dawn diamonds:

Don’t confuse these with your diamond simulants or duplicate diamonds. Lab created diamonds or the New Dawn diamonds are definitely grown in the laboratory, but that doesn’t mean they are duplicate. They look 100% identical to the real mined diamonds and possess both physical and chemical properties of a mined diamond. Since these diamonds are lab grown, they are less expensive than the original diamond. Not only this, if you are nature-friendly, then these diamonds can serve this purpose, as they won’t disturb the mother earth. If you have a handful of the budget, then this can be a perfect option for you. But if not, then you can move on to other options.

2. Customize your diamond engagement ring:

Most of you may contradict us in this point of view. But believe us, this can be an unexpected truth regarding diamond. Yes, we believe that customization of a diamond jewelry may increase the price of the jewelry. If you read the line carefully, then probably you have come across the term ‘may’. Hope this has already changed your picture and made it clear to you. The price truly depends on the following factors. Design, metal, diamond and style. You have to be smart enough while choosing this for you. The finer your design will be, the higher will be the price.

3. Choose Gold instead of Platinum:

While buying a diamond ring, your choice of metal does matters. No doubt platinum gives an extravagant look to you ring when paired with the beads of diamond and is known for its high durability. But this special features, boost up the cost of the ring. We will recommend you to choose gold instead of platinum. It may not give that white dazzling appearance, but will surely be a masterpiece with the golden hue. Moreover, there is an option of white gold. If you can’t help going for a white shade, then this can be the best replacement. Don’t have to believe on us. Go and try it. Damn sure you will love it, not just like it.

4. Choose proper diamond shapes:

Choosing the diamond piece is something very important. There are several shapes and styles of diamond and the price of each of them differs according to its cut. So you have to be very careful while plucking the stone from the store. For this you have to know about the different shapes of a diamond initially. Emerald, princess, cushion, and heart shaped diamonds appear larger than other shapes and also obtained at a price less than round brilliant cut diamond of the same carat weight. Check out the details and decide accordingly.

5. Pick up Pave diamonds:

Pave diamonds are tiny minute sized diamonds that are placed close together to give the ring the most dazzling and extravagant appearance. These diamonds are mainly known for its brilliance and fire. Since they are smaller in size, they are less expensive than other diamonds. There are different styles of creating pave diamond ring. Get a detailed analysis of pave diamond rings before purchasing.

6. Prong Setting:

Prongs can also contribute to lowering the cost of your ring. How? The more minimal prong setting over a bezel one can cost less than another way of settings. This secures the diamond just like a tripod above the metal band. Moreover, this will bring out the appearance of the stone rather than highlighting the prongs.

7. Halo setting:

The best way to lower your budget can be halo setting. A single but high carat diamond placed at the center gives an enormous look and encircled by the ring. You may or may not used pave diamonds. It will depend on your budget. But this setting will not cost more, until the diamond you are selecting is of high range.

8. Heirloom:

The concept of family heirloom is not a bad idea. What say? If you get a diamond ring that belongs to your mother or grandmother, then it will have a great value. You may think, diamond loses its value with time. Then how is this possible. By the term ‘value’ we refer to its significance. It will hold the blessings of your guardians and have the feelings of love and care for their children. If you don’t have any option left, and still looking for a diamond ring to gift your love, then it is better to search at your home first, before loitering outside to different stores.

Hope these methods can help you out with purchasing your diamond engagement ring. However, we also have a different option for you. If not diamond, you may try something else. Check out the different other alternatives that you can use as an engagement or wedding ring, in place of a diamond. These will have totally a different perception.

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